Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 136 Sunday Service!

This was a hectic weekend for me. I am grateful that we all had travelling mercies and made our round trip safely. It was good to see Mom. She looked good and is getting back into the full swing of things. This trip was a roll up the sleeves and work trip as well as a visit. We had to rearrange her home; replace some furniture etc., move other things around, get rid of stuff, etc. almost like spring cleaning. Thank God we got it done but man, o man am I tired. I wish I had the day off tomorrow. Well, the way I feel right now is more like I hope I can get up and move in the morning.

My graces for this beautiful Sunday;

Waking up to see mom's smiling face - happy that we were there with her.

Visiting with my sister and my niece for breakfast.

The girls got back to their places safely and happy to have been home for weekend - not to mention the haul from the mall.

Had a good trip with lord mutton. He was a huge help and joy with the house fix.

Made it home earlier than I thought. The traffic flow was excellent. Totally exhausted, I walked in the house and supper was ready and waiting for us. Goodness and mercies.

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