Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 124 Tentative Tuesday.

Another day of pronouncement and prediction of mother natures' presents. Snow! Mounds of snow to fall on the City and surrounding Cities and States tomorrow. I am however not convinced that they will get it right this time either. Granted some places did get the wallop that was predicted for the weekend but not us. Well, let's see what tomorrow brings. I am actually hoping the snow will come as it brings benefits, environmental benefits which is good for us AND I will likely have a day off. A snow day! Wooohooooo!

I am truly grateful for today, Tuesday, even though things were very tentative and speculative. Do this now.., maybe later.., well why not now, better later, will it though... kind of thoughts and conversation all morning.

Met with a group of 4th graders for their career day - some interesting questions and comments. A refreshing impromptu request. Very enjoyable!

Timely visits and phone conversations to tie up some lingering projects. - Done!

A 'pick my brain' phone call from an old business acquaintance I haven't heard from for some time. It was quite refreshing to hear the melodic voice and cool sense of humor.

Overwhelming and tentative evening - so much to do, so little time and so much pressure to be ready and in position for the next move. It is hard to figure out who's on first, what's on second etc., etc. I need a break....again!

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