Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 127 Friday Again!

Phew! The end of another work week. Thank God it's Friday! This was an interesting and un-typical week, but a good week!

My Friday graces
**Made it work on time and without much weather related hassles.

**Made progress on a project I was helping with - I pray it works out as planned.

**Made it to a scheduled meeting that I had second thoughts about going to because I wanted to finish a memo.

**A colleague I haven't seen in two years was there. I am grateful for being obedient and following through on a commitment.
**Spanish food for lunch - habichulas, arroz, chuletas y maduros...oh boya!

**Early closing and early arrival home for a change - no window shopping or browsing for me today! I have to go out of state early in the morning to visit my mom in the hospital.

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