Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 121 R&R

Well, as I surmised, the weather forecasters got it wrong for this area. They were too committed to it too early on, I think. I am sorry that the states further south got such a walloping but mother nature is doing her thing. I got out and did some chores with all of you snowed in folks in mind. I wish I could have helped you out

Today I am grateful for rest and relaxation with family.

*Slept in this morning - easy breakfast of fruits and cereal under the blanket.

*Reaching out to friends in Pennsylvania and Virginia to hug them in warm thoughts.

*Trip to the book store for fun readings - The Sunday Philosophers Club and puzzle books.

*Chinese food - dim sum for dinner.

* Movie nite- John Wayne's McLintock. - good ole fun!

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