Wednesday, February 3, 2010

GiST Day - 117 Trying Times

A beautiful bright sunny, brisk winter day. The air is full of joy, fear, anticipation and need for clarity of mind and direction - answers! Despite this situation, I still have a lot to be grateful for.
GiST -Day 117
The anticipation of the changes and unknown/unclear plans coming into place at work is intense. I am working to keep myself 'detached' from the anxiety and focus on the things I am responsible for and can do and have control over. A tough task. The tendency to 'huddle' to share sentiments, concerns and I guess quiet the fear and reduce the anxiety of the unknown is pervasive. It is hard to stay aloof or detached or follow my plan to let things work out as they may. Perhaps even for a moment during the day I want to forget that I could possibly be in the group that may get the proverbial axe but I have to be a team player and be supportive. Even so, my struggle of staying in the present, staying focused and be open to what's next is challenged.

Through this period I am seeking to be reflective, contemplative and patient so that I can see the path that is there for me and naturally follow it.

My daughter was able to make her dental appointment today. The insurance was in place. She is quite happy. She had a very good report. I am happy!

Went food shopping with my boy. I was able to shop for us at home and also for the two girls away at their school. I am truly grateful for this. Peapod..I love u!

With this post, all I want to so say is this. I am very grateful that I am here, here now and able, and I am open to the possibilities. I will leave everything to unfold as it will without getting into the way and muddling it up!

These are trying times.

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