Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 135 Thursday Thrills

Well, the weather reporters got it right this time. We got the rain and snow and sleet all day as predicted. It is still coming down now and is expected to continue until mid morning, Friday. At least there is not much accumulation because of the rain but man, oh man, it is a lot of very cold water and slush on the streets.

I am grateful today for walking out into falling snowflakes. Big, fat, soft snow flake that took me right into remembrances of Christmas times. My mind went right to the chorus of one of my favorite Christmas songs....I wanna see Christmas.... Christmas through your eyes.... Oh, I miss the kids. I can remember the excitement, the splashes in the puddles and jumps to get the splashes from the puddles, gathering and catching the snow to make snow balls, laughter, smiling faces with red cheeks and red noses..... sheer joy! Where did the years go? Then I remember that I was scurrying off to work and snapped back into the now and got on with it.

A big part of the day was spent looking out of the office window watching the snow/rain fall from the 8th floor window. Commenting on what the actual feel of the streets below was and would be at the end of the work day. I was quite thankful that although the roads and sidewalk were wet, full of ice puddles and slush, we all made it home safely and are now snuggled up nice and warm inside.

This winter wonderland of a wet, cold, snowy, windy, rainy day was comforting, peaceful and warmed my heart. I am thankful for the goodness and beauty of nature. The memories and wonder of children enjoying the goodness of nature and for my family and friends, I am grateful.

To God be the glory!

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