Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 130 Welcome Wednesday!

Ok, so I lost it. I thought it was Wednesday yesterday. I had such a hectic weekend so I thought Sunday, a usually calm, easy going day was a regular week day and Tuesday was the third day of the week. I am over that now. I am rested, relaxed and poised for the rest of the week. Hehe a short week!

I am grateful for today, a day off from work. I slept in and lazed around all morning in PJ's. I really needed it. I have some big things to think about and plan for. Today is Ash Wednesday, a day to take time and prepare for the Lenten season and for the days ahead....even though they are not promised to me.

A quiet day with my thoughts and ideas, trying to make decisions.

Email from my nephew he's home in Texas from the war front. Glory be!

Reviewed materials to prepare presentation for team process - I've got a good angle to anchor to.

Another quiet evening to do nothing and enjoyed the silence. I am grateful for peace on this Ash Wednesday eve'n.

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