Monday, February 22, 2010

An Awesome Week of Events

It was a busy and exciting time around here last week. As I watched the weekend round up of news etc., on TV, one piece caught my attention. The report highlighted some similarities between three events in such a neat way that I thought I'd share it.

So, the events were the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
Each event is huge in its own right. They all draw a crowd, and are very exciting, fascinating, fantastic, spectacular, magnificent and awesome. I am sure there are many many more words, terms, phrases that fits the bill here. He talked about the Hair, the dress, the fashion and medals.

The commentary was about the gold, gel, fashion and fur in the events

There were plenty of Gold Medals, gold dresses and gold accessories. The US lead the pact in gold medals, at that point and in some event, some segments of the Dog Show proclaimed their gold medal winners at the time, and 'Gold' dresses such as this one from Rachel Roy's collection was all over the runway. However, even though gold was popular in all three events, the point was made that no Golden Retriever dogs, a breed of dogs, have ever won a gold medal at the Westminster Dog show. Hmmmm, so is gold the standard?!

Another comparison was on the "wow factor." The wow of the fashions and designs in all three events. There were lots of "Wow" factor in the various competitions: lifts, jumps, bounces, trot, strut, to name a few. The wow of the runway, the ice competitions and the dog show was stupendous. The heels on some of those shoes the models wore, WOW! How do they walk in them? The sleek and skimp, the colors, patterns, flow, intricacies of some of those dresses... wow, wow, wow! The dogs. Huh, how do they get them to do that?! The stealth, the balance, creativity and poise on the ice, the runway and the kennel club were breathtaking, electrifying, thrilling, spine tingling. Simply awesome!

There was plenty of gel, he also said. Gel was used for all kinds and types of hair. Olympian hair, dog hair and of course the hair designs of the models. Those heads of hair on the models and Olympians and the body of the dogs all kept their shapes, positions, flair and point even with all that skating, sledding, skiing, strutting, bouncing, stepping and posing. Wow! There were plenty of furs: as accessories, trimmings on clothes and of course on the dogs. Amazing and magnificent.

We certainly had some high intensity and exhilarating activities with thrilling finishes this past week. I hope you guys had a chance to see or even be a part of any of these events. So despite the strange winter weather we are having this year, and all of the other issues and concerns we are dealing with, we've had a chance to be wowed, entertained and amused this week.

This is a good thing! The diversion and beauty and grace of it all certainly did me some good. I hope it did you good too.

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