Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grace in Small Things Day 119 - Simplicity

Today I took a slow, calm rise to a bright sunlit Thursday morning. I had no feeling or sense of urgency to move the morning forward to work time. The time moved anyway and I uncommitted-ly travelled to the office on mass transit. I didn't even want to take on any tasks, like driving, that could spoil the moodI tried to keep this pace through out the day even though there were some anxious and intense issues to deal with. Nothing went on that got me off of my stance today. As I write this note I remember my Hummel figurine that says - "what a beautiful day... now watch some bastard louse it up!" Guess what, I didn't!

The workday ended as peacefully and simply as it started.
I am grateful for calm and quietness Quiet and calm disposition so that I can achieve the goals.
Tasty garden salad with cranberries and walnut.
Friends on the ride home with loud silly chatter and laughter.
This is the day.....I will rejoice and be glad in it!

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