Monday, February 15, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 128 Home Visit

I got away for the weekend to visit mom as she is ill. I am extremely grateful that she is doing well. She will be going back home soon. She looks good and feels better. I am grateful for the trip, for Mom's improvement, seeing my family and all of the trappings of home

**Comfy cosey sleep in mom's bed since she was away at the hospital. Waking up to a warm comforting sunshine feeling cuddled in mom's love.

**Playful morning with my niece, she just turned 13..... :)

**Hours of conversations with the siblings. Always such fun -chatter, laughter, catching up on the things not shared or caught on the quick phone calls ...and the rememberances.

**Caught up on some reading on the trip - a benefit of going mass transit.

**Safe comfortable round trip back. Easy traffic flow smooth quiet ride.

**It is always fun to go back home. There's always a feeling of deep joy, anticipation, appreciation and satisfaction as I go and while I am there catching up on the issues, tid bits and stories. Seeing Mom and the happiness in her face and liteness in her movement and joy in her spirit gives me such happiness. I pray that she will have restored health and long and happy days ahead. I can't get enough of seeing her happy and at peace.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! I love you Mom!

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