Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 129 - Wet Day Tuesday!

I tell you, I am loosing it. I just realized that I didn't post yesterday. I was on GiST, made some visits and looked around but forgot to state my graces. I was either too relaxed or too tired. I had a good day and was very grateful for all of my encounters and blessings.

My (Wednesday) Tuesday graces... Snow flurries and slushy streets all day long

**Slept late and snuggled in bed way longer than usual for a work day. It was snowing again so I had no desire to get out of bed or go out doors. It was fine went I went out, an hour later than usual.

**Bought me something I've wanted for awhile - a new pocketbook -MK Pocketbook

*** Visited a friend I hadn't seen for over a year - I was near her job for a meeting this afternoon.

** Lord Mutton is with my Mom since he has no school this week. I miss him but enjoying the break

**Quiet evening, snuggled up with the TV remote, a magazine ... relaxing --and Mr. nattering in my ear!


Rocks said...

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog :) I enjoyed reading yours too! and I instantly became a follower :)

keep it up!

philly5113 said...

Thanks Rocks. I look forward to keeping up with your work too.