Friday, February 26, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 136 Happy Friday!

Another snow day; two in a row! I woke up and looked out to see a sea of clean sparkling white snow; untouched by humans covering the street, the cars, the steps to the houses, the rooftops and trees. What magnificence! It was even more beautiful with the contrast of my warm snugly bed and comforter next to the deep cold and frost on the window as my warm breath touches it. We are truly blessed with the beauty and awesome-ness of nature, our world!

School was closed today so I didn't have to rush around to get ready or to get lord mutton up and out. I had an excuse to get to work just when I got there without angst.

Quiet time in the office - caught up on some filing and revisit some plans and proposals that may be very useful in this time of uncertainty and change.

Booked the ticket for my daughter to come home for the weekend. Both girls will be home this weekend. yay! I'll only have a short visit with one of them as I will be going to see Mom tomorrow and will be gone for the weekend. Humph. I am still grateful that she will be home. I will make her favorite dishes and leave for her to enjoy. The girls will be able to spend time with their papa by themselves. Lord Mutton will go with me.

A busy evening scurrying around in the kitchen. Sipping, jigging, cooking and storing special dishes for the girls. This makes me happy and thankful for my family, good health and tender mercies.

Have a wonderful weekend all. Love and blessings!

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