Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

May you find boundless peace, joy and happiness throughout this Christmas Season!
                                                      Happy Holidays to you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matisse Radical Invention and Me

I visited MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art last week to see what I could see. This used to be a regular activity for the family in years gone by but I have not done this in a very long time. I have been just too busy or too tired chasing my tail. I had a good ole time at MoMA like old times. The highlight was the Matisse exhibit. I was also happy to see Monet, Picasso, Chegall, Rivera and so many other favorites. MoMA has Matisse: “Radical Invention” from 1913 – 1917 which he called Methods of Modern Construction. These works are from a period of change and growth for Matisse as an artist. What is ironic of this period is that Matisse is said to have been ‘searching for something deeper than that could be seen on the surface.’ I do not know if I can put my ‘re-construction’ phase quite like that but it certainly is a search for.

You know, it is funny how things clarifies or perhaps reveal a meaning of a feeling or situation that you have pondered. Well, this was one of those moments, again, and it was just timely. I think that I was at a point of veering off course heading to the fret zone for being disengaged from the work force or other things. As I walked through the exhibit it said, hold it; wait a minute! Hmm, Stop. Look. Listen, and think. Curious, but I did. After a time I moved along with some amount of buoyancy and litheness.

Nearing the end of the Matisse' exhibit, almost at the exit, there was a poster of a quote from the summer of 1917. As I scanned the print, these words in the middle of this big board caught my attention. I read and then re-read. I stopped. I listened to myself reading and thought; humph. I smiled, and gave off a sigh of relief. I looked around; saw my daughter who was on the other side of the room looking at another painting. I beckoned to her to come over. As she came over, I pointed to the section that I was enamored with. She read it and then she looked at me with her right eyebrow raised and smiled and said, hmm, well then! I then said to her, this is a lesson for you too. She smiled again, and nodded and said, true!

So according to Matisse, "When you have achieved what you want in a certain area, when you have exploited the possibilities that lie in one direction, you must, when the time comes, change course, search for something new."

I am not saying that I am wise or that I thought of my actions in these terms, but I think I was in that place feeling it's time for a change. Now I see, in so many places and ways, that it is an important and perhaps a necessary thing to do; stop, assess and change course when the time comes. It is the knowing, that is the challenge. You have heard me say that piece before. Knowing!

Friends and loved ones exploit your possibilities and when the time comes, move with boldness. I believe the rewards will be great.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Leonians!

OK, so I have been slacking on the posting these weeks. I am sorry but I have been trying to catch up on some other things that I have neglected for some time like going to the library and reading books, etc. So here, we are at the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Happy birthday to you Leonians! I am not really big on astrology or keep up with it but the over the last couple of days I have had an inclination to look up the astrology and voila, I was able to take a deep breath, a cleansing breath, knowing that all is well. Yeah! I am not just going through a crazy phase, or in a mid life crisis or spinning out of control or just slacking in terms of my latest actions. I guess I am just being my Leo self. This piece is very telling:
          "Leos make excellent employers, due to their good powers of leadership. However, they must retain their natural enthusiasm for life and their desire to improve the lives of others."

My struggle!!

Here is a synopsis from Astrology On-Line of a description of Leos and that I find pretty true. Hmmm, food for thoughts. So, to all my fellow Leos, Happy Birthday. Read, think and act. Celebrate your prowess and be glad that the universe placed you and me in this awesome place within the cosmos.

"The Leo type is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiacal characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the monarch's among humans as the lion is king of beasts. They are ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident there is no such a word as doubt in their vocabularies, and they are self-controlled. Born leaders, either in support of, or in revolt against, the status quo. They are at their most effective when in a position of command, their personal magnetism and innate courtesy of mind bringing out the best of loyalty from subordinates. They are uncomplicated, knowing exactly what they want and using all their energies, creativeness and resolution to get it, as well as being certain that they will get whatever they are after. Their followers know where they are with Leonians. Leonians think and act bigger than others would normally dare; the ambitiousness of their schemes and idealism sometimes daunt their followers, their practical hardheadedness and ability to go straight to the heart of any problem reassures those who depend on them. If Leonians meet with setbacks they thrive on the adversity."

Happy Birthday to you!! Find your best you.

Thanks to my dear friend Nana for the on-line greeting that I lifted the flower above from.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Taking Time to Find My Way

I am actually enjoying being detached and unconnected and not responsible for anything outside of my household and what I care about right now. I thought about not having to go to ‘work’ every morning and thought that I would feel like a fish out of water because I have done that for so long. I enjoyed my work, the people I worked with, and the mission we shared. I thought I would feel like a looser, a careless and misguided person with nothing important or demanding to do. Well you know what; I do not feel that way at all. What were misguided were those thoughts and feelings of being on the wrong path. I realize that getting somewhere takes risks and is a risk but I am expecting a good outcome. I am very busy working on me.

I am enjoying the time off. I have found time to think about and see things in ways that I have overlooked or had not had the time to observe in a very long time…You know, take time to smell the roses. Having the time and the sense to find meaning in and importance in things and people around me gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I have lots to do that I have neglected or only handled the periphery to get by. I am improving my energy and vision by getting rid of clutter and understanding how to be purposeful with my time and finding my way back. A few days ago, I read a book, cover to cover, in less than two hours just for fun, just for me. I cannot remember doing this for fun in recent years.

So for now, I am finding things to do for self-improvement and growth and enjoying the down time, the playtime, free time, me time. Because now I know that this is the best I can do for me to emerge, stronger, better and happier, finding my way back. Find Peace and joy; life’s simple pleasures and service.

Let me end this post like my dear friend Donna does, with a quote. I found this quote on Exquisite Transitions blog this week entitled, Getting Somewhere.

It’s only when you don’t run from yourself that you begin to get somewhere. -Anonymous

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Confirmation for Change

So here is another confirmation for change. Change is important, necessary, and essential for growth. Growth: progression, emergence, change.

You know how folks say that they need a sign to be sure that they are doing the right thing when they have to make a decision or change to the ‘unknown’ or something new or different. Some say they need confirmation and that could be in the form of someone repeating or something acknowledged by others or a thing, well read below.

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."  — Gail Sheehy, American journalist

I got this quote from my friend Donna's blog, Flying Solo Travelling Light. She generally ends each post with a quote to ‘close’ the record and perhaps provide more food for thought. As I visited this week, I lifted this one because it speaks volumes about my recent situation and posts. Lord knows I have surrendered security because I want growth; growth, not just from food and nourishment from food for physical growth, which is a different issue for me. It is vast, deeper, wider, and broader growth than that - it is temporal, enduring, and profound.

Huh, what do you say? What are your thoughts and ideas about the topic of change, growth and the issue of confirmation? Please share with us.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Revelation and Comfort in Knowing

It is amazing when you retreat, step back from being so engrossed in the thick of things and watch it go by how much you see. It is great to see the unfolding and what is revealed. I have taken control and action to halt a slippery slope of what seems to be oh humdrum existence. I have taken flight and time to step out of the fray and move on, to seek new opportunities and place.

I’ve spent time introspective, analyzing, and studying and assessing the who, what, how and where do I go from here. In grappling with the process, which is huge, I got to the point where I needed another ear, voice, ideas, and help, to sort through to keep going. I have taken on a coach who has helped me to find the questions that will help me find the direction. So there were more assessments, thinking and understanding to do. She directed me to some assessment instruments that have proven very revealing. Its weird to have a test confirm for you what you have wrestled with or have experienced and perhaps questioned but not absorb and accepted. My Coach gave me the Language and Behavior Profile, which was outstanding. I did not know about this test or have experienced it before but let me tell you, it was on point! Of course, a couple of the items were not what I expected but for the most part, it is very true.

The most revealing and clarifying thing for me has to do with my desire for change. It seems that I am programmed for change with a set frequency. I have made major changes before, about the same time frame as was revealed in the test and for similar reasons as I seek to move on now - satisfaction, challenge and need to create and make better. I take comfort in knowing my pattern within the cosmos.There are no open doors or clear path or sure thing in my pocket but I know it is time. While I am free to explore, to see to think to be, I can create, develop, and achieve success finding myself in a place where I can contribute, make a difference and find peace and joy.

Lessons along the way
++ Take time to know you self and decide what is in your best interest

++ Know when to say when and what that will mean

++ Explore all of the options, open all of the windows, doors, drawers and see what is there and where you are

++ Ask the questions – the easy ones, the hard ones, the silly ones, the scary ones and take on the answers

++ Ask others and be open to suggestions, ideas and recommendations

++ Analyze, measure, re frame, recapture, discard, absorb

++ Find your inner joy as you explore and find answers

++ Take a breath, step back and look at the options, move ahead

++ Be honest. Be sincere, be committed, and be thankful

++Take the path where you find peace

This is not easy or simple and it is certainly not done yet for me but I am hopeful and  taking it one day at a time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Staying Calm and Cool in the Heat Wave

Oh what a heat wave! I was tired of the winter and the barrage of rainfall this year but I don’t think I was looking for this kind of summer right out of the gate. I had some appointments in the field today and man, let me tell you; the saying that the heat is oppressive really came to life for me. It was just hot. Hot, as it was yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. As the heat assaulted me, I tried to stay calm especially when I looked around and saw everyone else just going along calm and quiet. They seem to be coping well, not agitated or bothered so I figure I should join the club. I later realize that staying calm is a good strategy against the summer heat.

Just psyching myself to stay calm and endure the heat was a job. Even under the canopy of a tree, waiting for the bus, the heat was fierce. Actually, the air was hot as it entered my nostrils. It was "hotter than July"! When the bus showed up it was not too soon. Thank goodness, for air-conditioned bus. By the time I got to my stop, a short ride, I was cool and composed. I had to get back out into the oven but I just had to cross to the other side of the street to enter my air-conditioned building.

It was good tyo get into the building again. As I settled in to get into the routine I felt really drained and lethargic. I felt a headache coming on as I downed some water. The headache lingered so I sought relief from some Alieve, drank more water and had a bowl of fruits.
So how do you stay cool on days like these when staying in doors with the air conditioner and fans on or lying by the pool or getting wet with the sprinklers is not an option? There is no magic formula or real serious ideas to get relief. We just need to apply some common sensical things  that we know but forget to do during the hot weather.

Here are five things to keep in mind and do to keep yourself safe and cool.

1. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol in the heat.
2. Cover yourself. Wear a hat. Use sunscreen with high SPF; wear loose, soft, light colored clothes
3. Think cool and stay calm - Stay out of the heat as much as you can – go into stores and shops to cool        off as you move along the street. Limit or reduce activities outdoors.
4. Eat cool meals and refresh with ices and fruit pops.
5. Drink, drink, drink!

I am sure there are many more tips to help you stay cool during the hot weather. Of course, there is an additional list of things to do to stay cool while indoors like use the fans and air conditioners, turn lights down and stay calm. You should add these to your summer cool routine.

Feel free to share your tips to stay cool during the  hot summer days here.
Stay cool my friends! Enjoy the summer.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farewell or Good-bye…..I’m gone!

As the year winds down and folks leave for summer break, change gears for summer programs and summer projects, different schedules and routines, goodbye, farewell, see you in September fill the air around here. Some folks send notes or shout their farewell and goodbyes in the hallways and rooms. Goodbye for the summer, I’m gone, farewell, have a good summer, some sad and some other merry refrains. For some it is a change of location or seat or just moving on. It is a flurry of activity and mixed emotions as all of these actions and conversations takes place.

I am also at a crossroads, actually, I have been parked here for months now, only recently got the energy or the wisdom to rev up the engine and take flight. Say farewell, good-bye, so long, haste la vista, Auf Wiedersehen, arrivederci, adios, to a place and people I have worked with that I have enjoyed, grown to appreciate and indulge. An organization that I have supported, grown with and felt disillusioned about. But it is time for me to move on. Move on to other more fulfilling and satisfying roles and work in the larger community.

I have been ready to move on for some time now but thought that I would be patient during the various transitions. I was optimistic that the change would embrace quality, build on successes, strengthen what is good, solid, and measurable, and support the mission. I would be patient to see if the color of the light will change, back to green for go do what is good, effective, efficient and necessary to achieve the goals. However, for me, it is amber. Amber because it is a living, there are some opportunities for the work that I enjoy and appreciate and then the preponderance of the other stuff that detract and diminish my interest and value in the place. I am about quality, collaboration, teamwork, efficiency and successful outcomes. Not a measure or interpretation of success, but actual success as a measure of the stated goals and the results of the efforts and actions.

I am immensely proud of the work I have done, the partnerships I have established and the friendships that I have formed over the years. I believe that I have contributed to the fabric and essence of the team and the community of learners. I am also proud of the contributions I have made to the quality and content of the program not only in responding to the mandates but in developing and creating initiatives to meet the needs and improve the quality of life for the community. My many contributions and initiatives that are sustainable and support the mission and goals of the organization. I am truly grateful for the time and opportunity. Thanks to many for the opportunity.

So this is goodbye, farewell, adios from this place and daily contact and interaction with these good folks and time to say hello, hi, hola, bonjour, hallo, Auf Wiedersehen, ciao to a brave new world and new opportunities. I am hopeful, enthusiastic, learned, and creative; a breakthrough leader ready, willing and able to jump in with both feet knowing that I will land on my feet when I arrive, taking up the baton that will be the work and moving on to success and significance.

So, farewell, goodbye…I’m gone!
Have a wonderful summer everyone! See you in September!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stepping back and Moving Forward Along the Way

So, I continue on the journey… and you shall find. I am not quite there yet but it is the path to transition – the way to get to knowing what is next and perhaps the how in the process. So here, I am in this place of unrest, unsettled psyche looking for calm, peace, purpose and the path to service.

If you have to tow the road, then when the bells sound what do you do. When do you go? How do you sort through, sort out the myriad of feeling, ideas, and thoughts, focus them into a process that becomes tangible, sensible, real, achievable, and significant, and realize, yeah, this is it.

During this time, I count my self as fortunate to have gotten in the company of some wonderful women. I am fortunate because as I struggle to emerge from this place of stagnation to a place where I think I will find peace and satisfaction in what I do, what I give and what I enjoy, I find myself into their consciousness, and it has given me pause to appreciate, refine, define and proceed.

I have been writing and proclaiming that I am an undergoing a phase of reconstruction and have been chronicling my thoughts and feelings as a way to process and find direction. As I push along, here comes Donna who asked, “Reconstruction?” What are you talking about…, read what you have written? In connecting with her, I realize that I needed to relax, take a deep breath, purposely look around and then I will realize what is next. So, I have been doing that and have found a measure of relief that yes I need to make changes and change will come as long as I remain committed and willing to explore the things I am concerned about and do what is necessary to get the results.

As I stood back and took some actions that were just obvious, I feel a sense of relief. This allowed me to see and feel more clearly, what I needed to do and helped me to decide what I had to do and should do and find comfort in. So here I am resting, breathing and looking forward. I have made some decisions that are leaps of faith but I think they will allow me the space to see and do the things that will get me to where I need to be. It feels like things are changing and opportunities are becoming visible and available for me to explore. There are some big risks but the worst that can happen is that I can commend myself for exercising courage because one has to be bold, believe in oneself, abilities, and desires to be truly satisfied even when the going gets rough. There is still a lot of work to do, so much unknown but too much will be lost if I neglect this process.

I am moving along with eyes and arm wide-open, clear mind and hopeful desires.

Like a bud, the lotus flower is unfolding and I feel nourished, supported and embraced to stay strong and to stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Journey unfolding, path still unclear

As I think through the questions and work through this maze I call reconstruction, I came up with many things. As I explored the list, I got some answers. Things I knew, needed to reaffirm, and things that says, yes, this is the thing to do. I want to find answers and explanations or reasons for this process to strengthen the impetus to stay on this task. I know and believe that as we cycle through the stages and phases of life we must rise to the occasion to find and enjoy and live life to the fullest. Is it the grass is greener syndrome or the we are never satisfied concept, greed, indecisiveness? Hmmmm, more questions.

So here are some of the things I thought about.
Birth and death- cycle of life. We have to find meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Winning and losses - achievements and rewards, failures and disappointments, gratitude and satisfaction all build character, strength, wisdom and happiness.

For each action, there is a reaction. Each gains a loss – a change or relinquishing of something that will evolve or strengthen another thing. Through these cycles we try to find happiness, completeness and love in and through what we do and who we are.

I guess like a closet we have a finite space -well the closet of many of us- and as we add more things, we run out of space. I don’t stop looking or acquiring things because of space issues, I try to make room. When I find the cutest little number, maybe another number that was just as cute at one time is replaced to make room. Perhaps the choice is made based on satisfaction with the item or the level of contentment you feel with one item over the other. I realize that this is a tough process but one that must happen. It is finding balance, contentment and peace.
being able to go, get and be – engage and find success and satisfaction, peace. Be bold, explore, take risks for something you are passionate about and achieve. Plan and do the things, visit the places and events that are important to you or where you have some interest. Knowledge is power. Try it out it may reveal your true joy. So for example, you want to be a writer. Start a blog, keep a journal, write op-ed comments, and seek out a publisher with your proposal. Find online sources and networks that will inspire and support. Share and acknowledge. Always give a helping hand as that is our greatest asset. We are one people and each one is a gift. Be grateful. Stay centered. Dance, play, give thanks, sing, celebrate and be glad.

Similarly, as we live, we find what we love; we laugh about, learn from and grow. These benchmarks or headlines are not mutually exclusive but have differences that affect or influence our lives and relationships and dreams and goals. Love is endearing, true, priceless, important and is given and then received. Give love, understanding, truth, and it will return to you. Be kind, sincere and generous and you will be enriched. Your family, your neighbors, those you encounter along the way, your belief that builds character and strength should be your priority. That love will give you the strength and the wisdom to endure, share and find peace. Give and recieve hugs, kisses, warmth and smiles along the way.

I can cackle with the best of them and it help to forget and perhaps refocus. Let it go if even for a little while. When I get back to routines, I can see another angle or digest a bit more and look for answers or solutions. I love a good comedy, or to laugh at myself, or things around me and be sincere about it. They say laughter is healing, powerful and redeeming. Make it a regular in your life. They say it takes fewer muscles to laugh than to frown. Save the muscles for a good cardio work out because that has many benefits. Find humor, joys, beauty, forgiveness and grace in others, your self and all things.

Times passes and things changes.  I guess this is a process for all of us. We just ended a decade that began with much furor and anticipation of gloom and doom. Do you remember the big to do about Y2K? I guess we are seeing some of the effects a decade later with the state of world economics and environmental disasters. This decade did not have the harbinger’s pronouncements even though we were witnessing the dawn of newness, difference, change. We eased into the decade cautiously but enthusiastic and tentative. I have changed in many ways because of what life is and means.

I am on a day-to-day process to change this life because the day is all that is promised. I have to explore, I must explore and find what is in store for me to share in this decade. Fortunately many have an easy and smooth transition through the stages. For me, not so much.

So live, love, laugh my friends because as one of my favorite poem goes “all the world's a stage and men and women merely players.” Play your best role, live, love, and laugh. I am on a journey to organize my days for not only satisfaction but also for significance on my stage.

Stay with me here, I need your support and wisdom.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Journey through Possibilities

The challenges and elusiveness of defining and finding personal goals and journey into personal fulfillment – reconstruction-is fraught with questions and more questions. A friend of mine on Gist says that in order to change or take up and activity there is a process to go through. She wrote that you have to satisfy the want to want to do something before you will actually do it. There is one thing I want and have wanted for a while now and ready to achieve it. I know it is a process but I am ready to be on the way and to know that I am. I really want to feel like I have figured out and am doing the things(s) that enriches my life. I still need to find and engage in it. Possibilities?!

I am doing some things to help me to sort through the mind field of interest, activities, situations and circumstances that I find myself in. I am thinking, exploring, questioning, researching to find the avenue, the path but still searching. I have not gotten to the place or stage where I will let go; throw caution to the wind and explore all of the thoughts and ideas in my head, in an organized way, to try to come up with what could possibly make me happy and fulfilled.

Perhaps finding answers to the question of the type of risk taker, I am, or how much of a risk taker one need to be to succeed in this journey may be a place to start. I guess immersing myself, all levels, in finding this desired goal which is still nebulous is what I don’t know how to do. Am I too cautious? Do I want to hold on to a life jacket, training wheel as I proceed? Am I making a BIG to do about nothing? Am I where I need to be but need to understand it and acknowledge seeing the light? Am I just caught up in the grass is greener over the maybe septic tank syndrome? I want to do something else, I want to feel like I am doing the best that I can do for my universe, for me, and feel in harmony with that reality. It feels like I am not making progress even though time is passing and I want to do this.

What to do now, next? I know the various adages, phrases and idioms about letting go and let God, the universe or a higher power take control but in a real deep and practical way, how do I do that? Is age and responsibilities a barrier? When one lives on a shoestring with no buffer, is that a deterrent to taking the necessary risks to be able to see and go forward? Is it lack of faith or trust that the universe has me? How do one operationally let go, put one foot in front of the other believing that you are doing the right thing? How do you plan for, accept, and rebound if you find that it is not. What is hitting rock bottom mean? Is that a part of the process to this realization.

Where is the compass, the road map, the check and balance, the guideposts? How can I find them and use them to find my way.

What is courage, how do you apply it or how does it fit in? Lioness, lion hearted where art thou.

What is your process. How do or did you get to that place in your life?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Going North and South on I-95 Says Reconstruction

As I work at the personal reconstruction that I am trying to move forward, more and more I encounter things that confirm for me that filling this void is possible and achievable. I have to unravel the ideas and like a jigsaw puzzle put the pieces into place to reveal the picture, the plan, the goals.

The last couple of days I have traveled up and down I-95 South to take care some a family matters. A few weeks ago, I traveled upstate on I-95 North into Massachusetts to pick up one of my daughters from school. I traveled south to see about Momma. I got my coffee, a raisin bran muffin, and some water and hit the road.
After about an hour and a half or so into the trip up north, I got my rhythm and flow. I am settled into the ride and thoughts, eyes, and position are all in sync. Looking out at the expanse of nature, the various hue of green, the beauty of the peaks and valleys and roadways and bridges, humans and animals all intertwined and intersecting as I went along. I thought to myself how wonderful it is to be here, now, even with my anguish and confusion of the paths to choose at this point in my life. The road was open, free, stately, majestic and consuming but leading me with clarity and purpose. I thought; wow, the universe is awesome and it will show me the way.

Getting to this point in life feels like situations in the movie the seven-year itch. The mid life crisis scenes where there is no satisfaction from the usual and the familiar and the routine. In this case however this inquiry is all about finding a purpose. I am grateful for this opportunity to reflect, appreciate this life, my children, my family, friends and for so, so much goodness and graces. Even so my human-ness still is restless and dissatisfied in all its essence and seek something more, something else. My dreams, hopes, and desires can be as real as the towns and the animals and the hills and meadows I saw along the way.

Looking out at the landscape is very telling. It is inviting me to opening new vista and feeling of enthusiasm, desires, and assertion of yes I can, I can actually be what I still have to. The rolling hills the houses on top of manicured grounds and the multitude of terrain and gardens say yeah go for it! So with thinking and knowing that I want change, I still need to know what, how, where.

I am thankful for a safe trip and successful outcome with Momma and the move and the storage and the trip back home. We are all happy to be home again and I have a new energy to push forward with open mind and no boundaries.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations Graduates of 2010

Congratulations Graduates 2010! I salute you.

This is truly an occasion to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. As you move through these next days, weeks and months remember the joys, sweat and tears that brought you through and again celebrate. Remember the joys, the pride the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you felt as you walked down the aisle for your diploma and scream yeeessssss! I did it. I am! Keep these memories close and dear; re engage all those strategies, connections and hard work to again catapult you to and through these next stages and phases of your life and careers. Continue your winning ways.

Be thankful for the goodness, grace and blessings that have been yours through out the years. Gratitude will sustain you.
To all of you supporters, stakeholders, lovers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, grand parents, neighbors, celebrate because this too is your time to shine. Reflect, celebrate, and know that this is still a beginning, a new beginning and you are an important part of the continued journey.

This is such a wonderful and blessed time in your lives. Celebrate.

I congratulate all and wish you much happiness and continued success!

To My beloved Ashley, My dearest April, My friend Candida, graduates of 2010! I salute you. Walk tall, walk proud. I love you!

Graduates everywhere, wooohoooooo! You did it! Take a bow I salute you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Personal Reconstruction in Progress - Stay Tuned!

As time goes by, it seems inevitable that one will stop to wonder, or something will occur that forces you to look inwardly and determine where you are in the scheme of things of your life, and assess how you feel about where you are. This is check up time for me. I have to make some decisions, take some actions and rearrange or refocus to find the way to get to where I feel I ought to be. Are you in that space now too?

The task for me is thinking, knowing and doing. The thinking is figuring out what is the deal and what is the direction. Should I stay on track, what is the track, or should I switch to some thing else? How will I know what ‘the thing’ I should be focusing on is at this time? For some people it is clear, for others, including me, the knowing is an elusive thing. There are so many competing interests, it is hard to choose or know what actions to take. This is personal reconstruction or renovation time and it is challenging but necessary.

This process of personal reconstruction is the hardest thing to do. It is like mid-life crisis. So much swirling around in your head, who am I, what do I want to do now, where do I belong, what color is my parachute, what is important, what is next? What do you do or how do you get to the knowing to all these questions and enrich your life?

I have to agree and remember that time is short and there are not many opportunities for do over’s or to achieve satisfaction with life activities and achievements. My tasks and my desire is to do more of what makes me happy and that which takes me to where I want to be in terms of my living and quality of life. I have to find my angle and get after it because life is grand I want to make sure I enjoy every minute. At this juncture however, I feel a void and a longing and I must find out what it is and do it!

So this is where I am now; knowing, believing and doing. Going from knowing to doing is also a challenge. I still need to know what I really want to do with myself, in all areas of my life. Figure out the barriers and then start to chip away at them, one by one. The doing is and will be a hurdle in itself. I have to get there. I have to do something.

When was your last check up? Are you living your dreams? Rise up and celebrate the living by doing you.

I am taking this journey because I have to be true to myself. Stay tuned!

Happy Mother's Day to You

Happy Day to you and the Mother's in your life. Blessings.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Word to the Wise - De-stress!

A friend forwards me an email about the levels of stress we undergo in our lives that got my attention. It cautioned that we should take time to make changes in our lives for longevity and prosperity.  Over the last couple of weeks I have had encounters or observed warnings that tells me to take notice and action about stress and stress reduction.I really need to take heed and cut down on the levels of stress and anxiety I deal with every day.

I decided to drop everything for the evening and relax, as a start. I stretched out on the sofa to relax; of course, I grabbed the TV remote and surfed for something fun to watch.
I came upon a program that was discussing the effects of holding a glass half full of water for a long time. The scenario was about, oh, guess what? The effects of stress on the body. They were describing the concept using the cliché of a glass half-full or half empty. It really doesn’t matter how one view the glass, the reporter said, because if we hold on to the weight for a long time, as small as it might seem,  it will becomes a problem, a burden that can break you down.

I took the train last week to visit my Mom. There was a poster in the car where I sat that asked; is your heart at risk? Again, talking about how stressed out we are. The poster and the question prompted me to write this down and to think about my levels of risk. The struggles of the job, keeping multiple balls in the air –family, finances, health, parent, friends, children, transportation, safety, environment, you name it. They certainly weaken the chambers of the fragile heart over time – holding on to the half full/half empty glass, whether you realize it or not, is taking a toll on you. All of this is leading to a canary (coronary) as the young child exclaimed. Stress is diminishing our quality and length of life and we must take control and reverse the trend. This warning and caution is all around us. Please stop, take a deep breath and take heed.

Take time to love yourself! Take the tape off, un-clutter your life! Yeah, this means me too.

I know that this is much easier said than done but take the time to plan and gradually unwrap those ties than bind you to the never ending roller coaster ride. Live, love laugh some more and find a person or place or thing that will give you relief and peace.

I've Been Tagged by Sathira!

What a wonderful thing to be tagged by Sathira @ Breaking Mindset. Thank you for your lovely act of kindness. I will do my part accordingly.

The rules of this little tag game are:

1) Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder.

2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.

3) Post that photo along with the story behind it

4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

Here is my photo.

This picture fit the bill. It is in my photo library because I sent it to my daughter to see if she liked the color and design of the bedding for her room for the fall. I like to get the bed ensemble for the bedroom that reflects the seasons. I rotate them in the fall and spring with he holiday sets. As the kids, get older I try to defer to them on the color and designs even thought I am shopping and setting up. If I leave it to them to do, it will not be done in my timeframe. I love a clean, fresh, comfy-cozy and colorful room it helps to frame your disposition.

So, I will tag the following people for the game:

Nessa @
I look forward to seeing your photos and read the story.

Thanks Sathira!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Did You Close the Door to an Opportunity?

As I traveled home the other evening, I marveled at the outcome of the day and reminded myself, as I have too many times, to never rush to judgment. So many times, I have come to repeat the following; you never know the look of a lousy cat, Never judge a book by its cover, never say never, and so many other phrases or maxims about closing doors even before ‘entering the space.’ Thar day was a strong reminder that the universe is generous and the goodness can be mine if I keep an open mind.

Despite a very busy and long day of meetings, I was rejuvenated and ecstatic at the end of the evening by the embrace of the leaders of the group. This last meeting ended at eight pm and the first meeting of the day started at 9 am. Yeah, long day but a very productive day. Don't get me wrong, I am used to long days, I'm flexible that way. I just like to choose to extended  my day. Besides, these evening meetings tend to be poorly attended and could go late into the night. These meetings have been know to go until 11pm. This is a set up for misery. I would rather be some place else.

This last meeting began at 6:30pm. Of course, this is the time when I should be home, relaxed, unfurl, doing my own thing. After the earlier meetings and following up on some other tasks, I begrudgingly went to the evening meeting. I have an affinity for some of the people that would be there so that softens my resolve.

At end of the meeting, I had a chance to greet some folks I haven’t seen in some time, got introduced to some new people and engaged in a most insightful and buoyant discussion with some key people of the group. Talk about food for thought! I did not expect that the meeting would have such a phenomenal ending.

We discussed the business, the opportunities and me in the larger context of the business. These folks were honest, generous and unbiased, well respected and deeply concerned for me. This discussion has given me clarity, perspective and new avenues to guide my thoughts and actions for future endeavors. I walked away thankful and feeling liberated. I felt so relieved and lithe; I could have danced all night. Now I will have to take some action steps to work on realizing the plan but I am grateful for the tutelage.

I am so honored and appreciative of their time, generosity, suggestions and acknowledgment. Again, a lesson for me to embrace each event as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to share and to be grateful. I have to remember to approach and consider every opportunity as a "context for connections."  I might be pleasantly surprised.

What are some of your maxims or phrases for pre-judging situations or people? Please share them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recycling Days and Dates, 1954 & 2010 Mirror Images

A colleague referred me to a new tax preparer last week. As I sat in his office waiting for my turn, I figured something out. As I scanned the room during my wait, this was not a small office but quaint, my eyes kept coming back to a calendar on a wall to the right of where I sat. It was a calendar with a picture of an old Chevy car on it. The year was 1954 and the month was April. The calendar was attractive. Each time I glanced at the calendar, l thought the year referred to the model/make of the car but it stuck with me. On a whim, I decided to check the dates; I wanted to know the date of that particular day in April 1954. Guess what? Did you guess it? I noticed that the date for the day was the same as it is this month, April 2010. Fascinating!

I Popped up from my chair and walked over to the calendar to look through to see if it was a standard calendar – months of the year – or just various cars of April. I thought it was a cool coincidence. Uh oh, this was a standard calendar of the months and of course the pictures of Chevy cars. Wow! Nothing beats classic cars. It was nostalgic. Daddy had a few Chevy’s back in the day. The last one I remember was an  blue, Impala. I especially loved our Sunday afternoon rides into the ‘country’.

Anyway, this calendar got me to think about things.

I have often thought that life and the situations we encounter are cyclical like the globe or the world; it just cycles around or rotates. You know how folks like to throw around the phrase, “what goes around comes around"– for one thing our calendar does. So what is the rotation? Is it 10 years, more, or less? Thinking in terms of the larger world, dynasties come and go with the various rises and falls. I think of William Shakespeare’s poem, “All The worlds A Stage”, and we are merely players. We make our plans, put our best foot forward, get moving, and get to where we get to in the scheme of things. Do we really learn from past or history? Can we change the pattern even when we re-invent or recreate and try again? Can we only influence outcomes to the degree that the universe allows? Who are we and where do we go from here.

Well I am not giving any answers here but what I have uncovered more clearly and deliberately is that the days and dates goes around and come around again. Our calendar is a function of the calculation and reforms of the earliest methods of telling time. The Julian calendar gave way to the Gregorian calendar also known as the Christian calendar or modern calendar. There are other calendars like the Jewish, the Islamic calendars and others as well. The calendars are calibrated on the rotation of anchor points from solstice to the equinox. They adjust the days to reflect the rotation and factor in leap years and make other adjustments. This entire business is fascinating to me. Check out the various links.
So The bottom line is this. Every X number of years the days and the dates are repeated. X could be six, 11, or more years in between. This is not a few months starting on the same day or having the same number of  days which is a common pattern. The entire year is a mirror image of the other. 1954 and 2010 is a repeat of the days and date of 56 years ago.  In fact, according to Time and Date website, since 1897, this is the 13th return so far of this calendar. Check out the website for other rotations.

If you have a favorite printed calendar, take heart, you do not have to discard it. Just put it in a safe place, break it out, and enjoy it again when it re-surfaces in eleven years, seventeen years, fifty-six years and so on. Isn’t that a great way to recycle – another earth saving tip. As the world turns…!

So, I got my taxes done, well before the deadline, but for entirely too much processing fee. Anyway, I appreciate the referral and the lessons.