Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Journey unfolding, path still unclear

As I think through the questions and work through this maze I call reconstruction, I came up with many things. As I explored the list, I got some answers. Things I knew, needed to reaffirm, and things that says, yes, this is the thing to do. I want to find answers and explanations or reasons for this process to strengthen the impetus to stay on this task. I know and believe that as we cycle through the stages and phases of life we must rise to the occasion to find and enjoy and live life to the fullest. Is it the grass is greener syndrome or the we are never satisfied concept, greed, indecisiveness? Hmmmm, more questions.

So here are some of the things I thought about.
Birth and death- cycle of life. We have to find meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Winning and losses - achievements and rewards, failures and disappointments, gratitude and satisfaction all build character, strength, wisdom and happiness.

For each action, there is a reaction. Each gains a loss – a change or relinquishing of something that will evolve or strengthen another thing. Through these cycles we try to find happiness, completeness and love in and through what we do and who we are.

I guess like a closet we have a finite space -well the closet of many of us- and as we add more things, we run out of space. I don’t stop looking or acquiring things because of space issues, I try to make room. When I find the cutest little number, maybe another number that was just as cute at one time is replaced to make room. Perhaps the choice is made based on satisfaction with the item or the level of contentment you feel with one item over the other. I realize that this is a tough process but one that must happen. It is finding balance, contentment and peace.
being able to go, get and be – engage and find success and satisfaction, peace. Be bold, explore, take risks for something you are passionate about and achieve. Plan and do the things, visit the places and events that are important to you or where you have some interest. Knowledge is power. Try it out it may reveal your true joy. So for example, you want to be a writer. Start a blog, keep a journal, write op-ed comments, and seek out a publisher with your proposal. Find online sources and networks that will inspire and support. Share and acknowledge. Always give a helping hand as that is our greatest asset. We are one people and each one is a gift. Be grateful. Stay centered. Dance, play, give thanks, sing, celebrate and be glad.

Similarly, as we live, we find what we love; we laugh about, learn from and grow. These benchmarks or headlines are not mutually exclusive but have differences that affect or influence our lives and relationships and dreams and goals. Love is endearing, true, priceless, important and is given and then received. Give love, understanding, truth, and it will return to you. Be kind, sincere and generous and you will be enriched. Your family, your neighbors, those you encounter along the way, your belief that builds character and strength should be your priority. That love will give you the strength and the wisdom to endure, share and find peace. Give and recieve hugs, kisses, warmth and smiles along the way.

I can cackle with the best of them and it help to forget and perhaps refocus. Let it go if even for a little while. When I get back to routines, I can see another angle or digest a bit more and look for answers or solutions. I love a good comedy, or to laugh at myself, or things around me and be sincere about it. They say laughter is healing, powerful and redeeming. Make it a regular in your life. They say it takes fewer muscles to laugh than to frown. Save the muscles for a good cardio work out because that has many benefits. Find humor, joys, beauty, forgiveness and grace in others, your self and all things.

Times passes and things changes.  I guess this is a process for all of us. We just ended a decade that began with much furor and anticipation of gloom and doom. Do you remember the big to do about Y2K? I guess we are seeing some of the effects a decade later with the state of world economics and environmental disasters. This decade did not have the harbinger’s pronouncements even though we were witnessing the dawn of newness, difference, change. We eased into the decade cautiously but enthusiastic and tentative. I have changed in many ways because of what life is and means.

I am on a day-to-day process to change this life because the day is all that is promised. I have to explore, I must explore and find what is in store for me to share in this decade. Fortunately many have an easy and smooth transition through the stages. For me, not so much.

So live, love, laugh my friends because as one of my favorite poem goes “all the world's a stage and men and women merely players.” Play your best role, live, love, and laugh. I am on a journey to organize my days for not only satisfaction but also for significance on my stage.

Stay with me here, I need your support and wisdom.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

You think you are undergoing reconstruction? You think you don't know anything? Re read your blog, Philly! You are a wise woman. You know exactly what you want. Act on it. You are moving forward at break neck speed! Go Philly! xx

philly5113 said...

Donna, thanks for the vote of confidence. I know I want it is the how that is the thing now. Yeah, one foot in front of the other etc., etc. but it seems I get back to the question of risk taking and knowing the to do. How did you do it Donna, Lady D? When did you hear that small voice or that ah ha moment and how did you just do it? The ducks have to line up? It's the how, Donna, when so much is free floating.
Thanks for the support and encouragement.