Tuesday, May 20, 2014

As time goes by

I arrived here again and had a hard enough of a time to get to the back-end of the blog page to write. It’s been awhile that I've done this so it was tricky. I am amazed at the fact that my last post was so long ago. I have come to this site many times since then and thought I needed to, I should add a post, something new, current, insightful, witty, and pretty. Something to make the blog current and inviting but time is always fleeting. 
Each time I get here, I would try to think of something to add. Something quick but meaningful, reflective of the time, of what I was doing, thinking about or felt. Something that would be nice or interesting to share, something to make the date more current and I would have completed another task that have been elusive. But each time I sat and thought, I lost out on taking action. Competing priorities or distractions have won over my plan of action, my desire to add something new, different and updated the page and I would switch focus. Logged off without striking a key! Alas! Not this time. I am determined to stay and to say I am here, and I must be resolute to do the things that I want to do despite the challenges and the distractions and the lack of......

Note to self and my friends: remember to take the time to stop and smell the roses, never mind the thorns, they are always there to remind us that only the strong survive.

Stay strong my friends. I will prevail....as will you.