Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 136 Sunday Service!

This was a hectic weekend for me. I am grateful that we all had travelling mercies and made our round trip safely. It was good to see Mom. She looked good and is getting back into the full swing of things. This trip was a roll up the sleeves and work trip as well as a visit. We had to rearrange her home; replace some furniture etc., move other things around, get rid of stuff, etc. almost like spring cleaning. Thank God we got it done but man, o man am I tired. I wish I had the day off tomorrow. Well, the way I feel right now is more like I hope I can get up and move in the morning.

My graces for this beautiful Sunday;

Waking up to see mom's smiling face - happy that we were there with her.

Visiting with my sister and my niece for breakfast.

The girls got back to their places safely and happy to have been home for weekend - not to mention the haul from the mall.

Had a good trip with lord mutton. He was a huge help and joy with the house fix.

Made it home earlier than I thought. The traffic flow was excellent. Totally exhausted, I walked in the house and supper was ready and waiting for us. Goodness and mercies.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 136 Happy Friday!

Another snow day; two in a row! I woke up and looked out to see a sea of clean sparkling white snow; untouched by humans covering the street, the cars, the steps to the houses, the rooftops and trees. What magnificence! It was even more beautiful with the contrast of my warm snugly bed and comforter next to the deep cold and frost on the window as my warm breath touches it. We are truly blessed with the beauty and awesome-ness of nature, our world!

School was closed today so I didn't have to rush around to get ready or to get lord mutton up and out. I had an excuse to get to work just when I got there without angst.

Quiet time in the office - caught up on some filing and revisit some plans and proposals that may be very useful in this time of uncertainty and change.

Booked the ticket for my daughter to come home for the weekend. Both girls will be home this weekend. yay! I'll only have a short visit with one of them as I will be going to see Mom tomorrow and will be gone for the weekend. Humph. I am still grateful that she will be home. I will make her favorite dishes and leave for her to enjoy. The girls will be able to spend time with their papa by themselves. Lord Mutton will go with me.

A busy evening scurrying around in the kitchen. Sipping, jigging, cooking and storing special dishes for the girls. This makes me happy and thankful for my family, good health and tender mercies.

Have a wonderful weekend all. Love and blessings!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 135 Thursday Thrills

Well, the weather reporters got it right this time. We got the rain and snow and sleet all day as predicted. It is still coming down now and is expected to continue until mid morning, Friday. At least there is not much accumulation because of the rain but man, oh man, it is a lot of very cold water and slush on the streets.

I am grateful today for walking out into falling snowflakes. Big, fat, soft snow flake that took me right into remembrances of Christmas times. My mind went right to the chorus of one of my favorite Christmas songs....I wanna see Christmas.... Christmas through your eyes.... Oh, I miss the kids. I can remember the excitement, the splashes in the puddles and jumps to get the splashes from the puddles, gathering and catching the snow to make snow balls, laughter, smiling faces with red cheeks and red noses..... sheer joy! Where did the years go? Then I remember that I was scurrying off to work and snapped back into the now and got on with it.

A big part of the day was spent looking out of the office window watching the snow/rain fall from the 8th floor window. Commenting on what the actual feel of the streets below was and would be at the end of the work day. I was quite thankful that although the roads and sidewalk were wet, full of ice puddles and slush, we all made it home safely and are now snuggled up nice and warm inside.

This winter wonderland of a wet, cold, snowy, windy, rainy day was comforting, peaceful and warmed my heart. I am thankful for the goodness and beauty of nature. The memories and wonder of children enjoying the goodness of nature and for my family and friends, I am grateful.

To God be the glory!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 134 Wednesday Wonders!

Today I am thankful for mercies and graces!

Grace to maintain focus and stay calm through out these pensive days at work. The planned changes and silence about the changes looms and lauds over all of us. I think it is the lack of information that makes this sooooooo burdensome.

A full office of folks in a very talkative and jovial mood - trying to cope and think positive. Thankful for the camaraderie.

Sharing chicken and vegetables for lunch from the local deli with the roomies.

Shopping for computer for one of the girls - the second in that many months - I am grateful that it’s only two girls; I don’t think I could manage a third right now. :) I am even more grateful that I am able to shop. - A stretch but I am moving in faith!

Blackened catfish, rice pilaf and garden veggies for dinner. Hmmm, I surprised my self and the gang with this one! sooo good. The wonders of grace!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 133 Tuesday Treats

Early morning meeting with my daughter getting caught up with the events of the B'day weekend. She was wonderful! Oh, the hugs, and kisses and the gratitude for the blessings.

Thankful for my new coat that kept all of the rain and sleet off this very wet and windy day - when the umbrella was rendered useless.

A quiet office to get things done - everyone stayed out in meetings today. It was my first day back so I am very thankful for the quietness.

Gratitude for the willingness of a colleague to walk me through a new process.

Baked chicken with spinach and rice---ohhh!
The harvest of the fields. Thank God for the bounty!

Monday, February 22, 2010

An Awesome Week of Events

It was a busy and exciting time around here last week. As I watched the weekend round up of news etc., on TV, one piece caught my attention. The report highlighted some similarities between three events in such a neat way that I thought I'd share it.

So, the events were the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
Each event is huge in its own right. They all draw a crowd, and are very exciting, fascinating, fantastic, spectacular, magnificent and awesome. I am sure there are many many more words, terms, phrases that fits the bill here. He talked about the Hair, the dress, the fashion and medals.

The commentary was about the gold, gel, fashion and fur in the events

There were plenty of Gold Medals, gold dresses and gold accessories. The US lead the pact in gold medals, at that point and in some event, some segments of the Dog Show proclaimed their gold medal winners at the time, and 'Gold' dresses such as this one from Rachel Roy's collection was all over the runway. However, even though gold was popular in all three events, the point was made that no Golden Retriever dogs, a breed of dogs, have ever won a gold medal at the Westminster Dog show. Hmmmm, so is gold the standard?!

Another comparison was on the "wow factor." The wow of the fashions and designs in all three events. There were lots of "Wow" factor in the various competitions: lifts, jumps, bounces, trot, strut, to name a few. The wow of the runway, the ice competitions and the dog show was stupendous. The heels on some of those shoes the models wore, WOW! How do they walk in them? The sleek and skimp, the colors, patterns, flow, intricacies of some of those dresses... wow, wow, wow! The dogs. Huh, how do they get them to do that?! The stealth, the balance, creativity and poise on the ice, the runway and the kennel club were breathtaking, electrifying, thrilling, spine tingling. Simply awesome!

There was plenty of gel, he also said. Gel was used for all kinds and types of hair. Olympian hair, dog hair and of course the hair designs of the models. Those heads of hair on the models and Olympians and the body of the dogs all kept their shapes, positions, flair and point even with all that skating, sledding, skiing, strutting, bouncing, stepping and posing. Wow! There were plenty of furs: as accessories, trimmings on clothes and of course on the dogs. Amazing and magnificent.

We certainly had some high intensity and exhilarating activities with thrilling finishes this past week. I hope you guys had a chance to see or even be a part of any of these events. So despite the strange winter weather we are having this year, and all of the other issues and concerns we are dealing with, we've had a chance to be wowed, entertained and amused this week.

This is a good thing! The diversion and beauty and grace of it all certainly did me some good. I hope it did you good too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 132 Friday Folly

Today was a good day. I woke up to the signs of spring. Wow, two days ago I thought we were in deep winter. Perhaps its a fluke but I was totally happy. As I sat for my morning coffee I could hear birds chirping on the window sill and the sun high in the sky. Uh, it's Friday and spring is on its way!!! Woohoooo.

I am grateful for the end of the work week - even though it was a short work week - I got quite some important things done.

Gently cleaning and freshening up, Its amazing the lift and fragrance of the 'weekend' bouquet of flowers in the house.

Thankful to be able to take care of some old bills --gone, done!

Mom was in such good spirits and mood today. She is almost back to her usual self. God is good and merciful.

I will have an early nite tonight. I have a trip tomorrow. I am grateful for the ability to do some of the things we desire and hope for better days and clarity of mind and grace.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 130 Welcome Wednesday!

Ok, so I lost it. I thought it was Wednesday yesterday. I had such a hectic weekend so I thought Sunday, a usually calm, easy going day was a regular week day and Tuesday was the third day of the week. I am over that now. I am rested, relaxed and poised for the rest of the week. Hehe a short week!

I am grateful for today, a day off from work. I slept in and lazed around all morning in PJ's. I really needed it. I have some big things to think about and plan for. Today is Ash Wednesday, a day to take time and prepare for the Lenten season and for the days ahead....even though they are not promised to me.

A quiet day with my thoughts and ideas, trying to make decisions.

Email from my nephew he's home in Texas from the war front. Glory be!

Reviewed materials to prepare presentation for team process - I've got a good angle to anchor to.

Another quiet evening to do nothing and enjoyed the silence. I am grateful for peace on this Ash Wednesday eve'n.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Play on Words - Semantics!

I was walking down the street yesterday heading to a store. I came to a stop at the crosswalk. As I waited for the light to change, I noticed a poster on the side of a city bus announcing an upcoming movie. I immediately recognized Bruce Willis in the picture so I looked more closely. I really like Bruce Willis. The other actor on the poster is Tracy Morgan. Do you remember Bruce in Moonlighting… mind you he has more famous and notable films but I loved him them and I got a lot of him every week. The Sixth Sense was also a kicker. Anyway, back to the point of this post. This movie is called Cop Out. As I saw the title, I thought wow! Cop Out! Cop-out! hmmm! Semantics, schemantics.

As I walked away about my business, the whole thing resonated with me and I started to recount the various words and phrases that we use and in the various ways, willy-nilly, just because. With that, another favorite actor came to mind, Fran Dresser from The Nanny. Fran coined the phrase 'cancer schmancer' when she was dealing with her illness. This was a way to demystify, or reduce the concern or the seriousness of the effect of the illness. I miss Fran, even though I see the re-runs, I would love an update.

I came up with semantics schemantics for the fun of it. Cop Out, Cop-out! On the poster for the movie Cop Out, the actors have police badges and guns. Cop-out is weaseling out, changing mind, backing out of a plan. It is all in the utterance, I guess. Check this out; Cop Stop! Stop, Cop! I guess 'they' don't say 'Cop' but you know what I mean. I also wonder how folks, from different places keep up with us. I really get the “how do you say that, um…” or “how do you call it eh…” thing from non-native English speakers, or maybe I should say non-American language speakers, who are trying to communicate with us and wanting to be ‘correct’.

This is interesting and I am sure there is a whole web of stories, and instances where we are very confused or confuse others with the play on words we often do. I guess others in their various languages may, or have a similar play on words. I would love to hear about them. Interesting, right?! Maybe this could be the start of a meme.

So should you go see the move? I don’t know. I have no idea; I haven’t read the reviews or seen any previews or any other promo stuff. I don't have any plans yet about seeing it either. It just got my attention.

What about you? Have you seen the move or have plans to go see it soon?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 129 - Wet Day Tuesday!

I tell you, I am loosing it. I just realized that I didn't post yesterday. I was on GiST, made some visits and looked around but forgot to state my graces. I was either too relaxed or too tired. I had a good day and was very grateful for all of my encounters and blessings.

My (Wednesday) Tuesday graces... Snow flurries and slushy streets all day long

**Slept late and snuggled in bed way longer than usual for a work day. It was snowing again so I had no desire to get out of bed or go out doors. It was fine went I went out, an hour later than usual.

**Bought me something I've wanted for awhile - a new pocketbook -MK Pocketbook

*** Visited a friend I hadn't seen for over a year - I was near her job for a meeting this afternoon.

** Lord Mutton is with my Mom since he has no school this week. I miss him but enjoying the break

**Quiet evening, snuggled up with the TV remote, a magazine ... relaxing --and Mr. nattering in my ear!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 128 Home Visit

I got away for the weekend to visit mom as she is ill. I am extremely grateful that she is doing well. She will be going back home soon. She looks good and feels better. I am grateful for the trip, for Mom's improvement, seeing my family and all of the trappings of home

**Comfy cosey sleep in mom's bed since she was away at the hospital. Waking up to a warm comforting sunshine feeling cuddled in mom's love.

**Playful morning with my niece, she just turned 13..... :)

**Hours of conversations with the siblings. Always such fun -chatter, laughter, catching up on the things not shared or caught on the quick phone calls ...and the rememberances.

**Caught up on some reading on the trip - a benefit of going mass transit.

**Safe comfortable round trip back. Easy traffic flow smooth quiet ride.

**It is always fun to go back home. There's always a feeling of deep joy, anticipation, appreciation and satisfaction as I go and while I am there catching up on the issues, tid bits and stories. Seeing Mom and the happiness in her face and liteness in her movement and joy in her spirit gives me such happiness. I pray that she will have restored health and long and happy days ahead. I can't get enough of seeing her happy and at peace.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! I love you Mom!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 127 Friday Again!

Phew! The end of another work week. Thank God it's Friday! This was an interesting and un-typical week, but a good week!

My Friday graces
**Made it work on time and without much weather related hassles.

**Made progress on a project I was helping with - I pray it works out as planned.

**Made it to a scheduled meeting that I had second thoughts about going to because I wanted to finish a memo.

**A colleague I haven't seen in two years was there. I am grateful for being obedient and following through on a commitment.
**Spanish food for lunch - habichulas, arroz, chuletas y maduros...oh boya!

**Early closing and early arrival home for a change - no window shopping or browsing for me today! I have to go out of state early in the morning to visit my mom in the hospital.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 126

My graces for this wintery Thursday, the day after my Snow Day off!

**Beautiful, bright, crisp morning with snow, and ice and slush to caress my feet as I made my way to work this morning. I am thankful for the sanitation crew that did a fabulous job of clearing the streets.

**The office abuzz with everyone sharing how they spent their snow day.

**Busy morning of meetings, conference calls and ending projects. Made me really ready for the special luncheon.

**A 30th year on the job celebration for a colleague.... roast beef, potatoes and snow peas for lunch with red velvet cake to top it off....soooo good! Congratulations! Thankful that she included me in her special celebration.

**A quiet evening.... I ran out of steam with all of the days' events and activities. Grateful for a warm, comfortable, happy home.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 125 My Snow Day

I had the opportunity to enjoy a snow day today. We did not get the amount of snowfall that was predicted, nonetheless, I had a snow day! It was quite relaxing and stress free. I had a good, quiet, relaxing day. As I visited some friends on GiST and read about how they spent their day, I though I missed the opportunity to have a blast. I missed an opportunity to do some things that I think would have enhanced my day. Hmmmm!
**Carol started dinner early in the morning. I should have done that... we would have been eating well all day.

**Elaine donned leggings and sweater and did an early movie... that would have been good too and actually, my daughter suggested it last night as a possibility for today.

**Sue danced to Christmas music... hmmm, look at that! A white Christmas...who doesn't enjoy that?

**I am very grateful for today, my snow day. A day I could spend anyway I wanted, for a change, and I did. No kids wanting to go snowballing, sledding, etc... Just my way. I had fun...eating, napping, reading, watching TV, talking on the phone... whatever! Now, you guys have given me the icing on the cake.....some other ways I could have spent the day. I am grateful that you guys did these things and have shared them with us. I feel very good about it all.

**I am thankful for friends to show me ways to enjoy the things life brings us.

**I am grateful for all of you. I hope you all enjoyed your day as I did!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 124 Tentative Tuesday.

Another day of pronouncement and prediction of mother natures' presents. Snow! Mounds of snow to fall on the City and surrounding Cities and States tomorrow. I am however not convinced that they will get it right this time either. Granted some places did get the wallop that was predicted for the weekend but not us. Well, let's see what tomorrow brings. I am actually hoping the snow will come as it brings benefits, environmental benefits which is good for us AND I will likely have a day off. A snow day! Wooohooooo!

I am truly grateful for today, Tuesday, even though things were very tentative and speculative. Do this now.., maybe later.., well why not now, better later, will it though... kind of thoughts and conversation all morning.

Met with a group of 4th graders for their career day - some interesting questions and comments. A refreshing impromptu request. Very enjoyable!

Timely visits and phone conversations to tie up some lingering projects. - Done!

A 'pick my brain' phone call from an old business acquaintance I haven't heard from for some time. It was quite refreshing to hear the melodic voice and cool sense of humor.

Overwhelming and tentative evening - so much to do, so little time and so much pressure to be ready and in position for the next move. It is hard to figure out who's on first, what's on second etc., etc. I need a break....again!

Is the Emotional Response to a Fender Bender more Devastating than the Damage

A colleague of mine who usually get to the office long after me in the mornings was at his desk when I got there. He planned to get in early to take care of some paperwork. He seemed flustered this morning. He is usually a calm, jovial fellow. Before I could ask him what was up, he told me he was involved in an accident in the garage with an employee of another company. The garage, I said. Yes, he said and proceeded to tell me the story. What was interesting to me about the whole thing is this.

The usually calm, pleasant conscientious person who is always confident and self-assured was twisted. Even though it was a minor fender bender, no personal injuries and minor damage to the vehicles, he was shaken. He was concerned about the effects on his license, insurance premium and his reputation. This early morning accident in the parking garage, as folks hustled for parking spaces, brought anguish and grief like a hit from an 18-wheeler. He had questions swirling around in his head about what may happen to him, who else will get involved and what it will mean for him down the road. He could not recall the last time he had an accident or any kind of a vehicular mishap.

When ones confidence is shaken they seem to grovel, get nearly incapacitated and seems to loose hope. Fortunately, we pay insurance premium, in some cases at a premium, as a security to cover or assist with the monetary costs of these potential mishaps or worst scenarios or incidents. I guess there is no cushion or buffer for the emotional response or considerations. Even with this ‘cushion’, we go into such tailspin when accidents, even minor mishaps, happen or when we lose control. My friends reaction is not about the damage alone, they were minor, but also the impact on his insurance premium, the other driver and his feeling of failure.

Will my premium increase, will I have to pay more each month, and will I get points on my licenses? Oh boy, what with the deductible, the mechanic and repair issues, the other party to the accident needs and expectations for their vehicle and the repair. What kind of a person do I seem like to others? These financial, emotional, image, personality concerns, even though no fault or blame is apportioned to him, was in his head and on his lips. Talk about taking it personally!

Hmmmmm! I think my dear kind, gentle friend would go into melt down mode if this was a more serious situation. I guess some of us would shake it off or get the finger of blame in the mix to get rid of some of the angst. He just took it all, feeling totally responsible and affected. The story is not all glum however. They came to a good decision to get the vehicles repaired and will continue to be good neighbors.

How do you see this situation? Do you think that his behavior is a response to loss of control, the damage to his vehicle or his self-image? Is the emotional reaction to an accident as devastating as the damage even in a minor accident? Or is it a personality issue?

What is your opinion? How would you react to a fender bender?