Friday, February 5, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 120 Staying on Course

GiST Day 120
Thank God it’s Friday, TGIF! Well it is the end of the “work week” for most of us still trying to get to the magic date when work is/can be an elective. It is the heralding of the time for R and R, my leisure time, at least for two days. It’s the day before we get to do what ever we choose that doesn’t include chasing the clock or being on the clock. Some times I have a few things scheduled on Saturdays or have to ‘work’ on a project etc. Well, it goes with the territory but I relish the thought and arrival of Friday evenings.

Remember how we used to say early in the week, well I still hear it now, especially in the ladies room, ‘I wish it was Friday’! I used to say that too but I realized that I am wishing away my life each time I do that. Well, not exactly but what if it had an impact. Actually over time I’ve accepted that I have to live in the present and be appreciative of the now…..even though I still struggle with that piece. I think perhaps that is why I’ve gotten old so fast. But so be it! I’m looking forward to Saturday because I don’t have to get up early and chase my tail! I hope all of you are in this boat too! – If this is your desire/schedule…thing...

Here are my graces for today, this beautiful Friday; the first Friday of February, 2010. This day, well since last evening, we’ve spent most of the time talking about the 6 inches of snow fall – depending on where you are in the State or Region that is expected this weekend. So it makes not having to go out that much sweeter for me. Well, let’s see whose prediction is right.

I am very grateful that Lord Mutton did well last semester and on his Regents Exams.
Heading out to dinner at Applebee’s – lord mutton’s choice.
Clean laundry and I didn’t do it – just had to put them away. So sweet!

Surprise visit from a colleague that moved to another location two years or so ago - Joy!
Another simple straight forward, staying on course day! – Promising and refreshing.

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