Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matisse Radical Invention and Me

I visited MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art last week to see what I could see. This used to be a regular activity for the family in years gone by but I have not done this in a very long time. I have been just too busy or too tired chasing my tail. I had a good ole time at MoMA like old times. The highlight was the Matisse exhibit. I was also happy to see Monet, Picasso, Chegall, Rivera and so many other favorites. MoMA has Matisse: “Radical Invention” from 1913 – 1917 which he called Methods of Modern Construction. These works are from a period of change and growth for Matisse as an artist. What is ironic of this period is that Matisse is said to have been ‘searching for something deeper than that could be seen on the surface.’ I do not know if I can put my ‘re-construction’ phase quite like that but it certainly is a search for.

You know, it is funny how things clarifies or perhaps reveal a meaning of a feeling or situation that you have pondered. Well, this was one of those moments, again, and it was just timely. I think that I was at a point of veering off course heading to the fret zone for being disengaged from the work force or other things. As I walked through the exhibit it said, hold it; wait a minute! Hmm, Stop. Look. Listen, and think. Curious, but I did. After a time I moved along with some amount of buoyancy and litheness.

Nearing the end of the Matisse' exhibit, almost at the exit, there was a poster of a quote from the summer of 1917. As I scanned the print, these words in the middle of this big board caught my attention. I read and then re-read. I stopped. I listened to myself reading and thought; humph. I smiled, and gave off a sigh of relief. I looked around; saw my daughter who was on the other side of the room looking at another painting. I beckoned to her to come over. As she came over, I pointed to the section that I was enamored with. She read it and then she looked at me with her right eyebrow raised and smiled and said, hmm, well then! I then said to her, this is a lesson for you too. She smiled again, and nodded and said, true!

So according to Matisse, "When you have achieved what you want in a certain area, when you have exploited the possibilities that lie in one direction, you must, when the time comes, change course, search for something new."

I am not saying that I am wise or that I thought of my actions in these terms, but I think I was in that place feeling it's time for a change. Now I see, in so many places and ways, that it is an important and perhaps a necessary thing to do; stop, assess and change course when the time comes. It is the knowing, that is the challenge. You have heard me say that piece before. Knowing!

Friends and loved ones exploit your possibilities and when the time comes, move with boldness. I believe the rewards will be great.


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Right on, Philly! Messages come to us in so many surprising forms. Ain't life grand! YOU, my dear, are wise! Do not deny yourself that gift. I am happy you have found more deep knowing. such a gift. And in Moma! How beautiful to receive gifts in such an incredibly inspiring place. xx

philly5113 said...

Indeed, Donna!I was loking forward to the visit and the exhibits etc., but never thought or expected such a phenomenal encounter.

Thanks for the visit and the support.P.

FishHawk said...

"Live, Love, Laugh With Philly5113" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.


LION GIRL said...

Good post, Philly! Beautifully written and congras for being featured in A Sunday Drive!