Sunday, May 23, 2010

Congratulations Graduates of 2010

Congratulations Graduates 2010! I salute you.

This is truly an occasion to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. As you move through these next days, weeks and months remember the joys, sweat and tears that brought you through and again celebrate. Remember the joys, the pride the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you felt as you walked down the aisle for your diploma and scream yeeessssss! I did it. I am! Keep these memories close and dear; re engage all those strategies, connections and hard work to again catapult you to and through these next stages and phases of your life and careers. Continue your winning ways.

Be thankful for the goodness, grace and blessings that have been yours through out the years. Gratitude will sustain you.
To all of you supporters, stakeholders, lovers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, grand parents, neighbors, celebrate because this too is your time to shine. Reflect, celebrate, and know that this is still a beginning, a new beginning and you are an important part of the continued journey.

This is such a wonderful and blessed time in your lives. Celebrate.

I congratulate all and wish you much happiness and continued success!

To My beloved Ashley, My dearest April, My friend Candida, graduates of 2010! I salute you. Walk tall, walk proud. I love you!

Graduates everywhere, wooohoooooo! You did it! Take a bow I salute you.

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caroldiane said...

it is so important to celebrate these milestones! thank you for reminding me of the pride I felt in watching my young people walk across the stage!