Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Revelation and Comfort in Knowing

It is amazing when you retreat, step back from being so engrossed in the thick of things and watch it go by how much you see. It is great to see the unfolding and what is revealed. I have taken control and action to halt a slippery slope of what seems to be oh humdrum existence. I have taken flight and time to step out of the fray and move on, to seek new opportunities and place.

I’ve spent time introspective, analyzing, and studying and assessing the who, what, how and where do I go from here. In grappling with the process, which is huge, I got to the point where I needed another ear, voice, ideas, and help, to sort through to keep going. I have taken on a coach who has helped me to find the questions that will help me find the direction. So there were more assessments, thinking and understanding to do. She directed me to some assessment instruments that have proven very revealing. Its weird to have a test confirm for you what you have wrestled with or have experienced and perhaps questioned but not absorb and accepted. My Coach gave me the Language and Behavior Profile, which was outstanding. I did not know about this test or have experienced it before but let me tell you, it was on point! Of course, a couple of the items were not what I expected but for the most part, it is very true.

The most revealing and clarifying thing for me has to do with my desire for change. It seems that I am programmed for change with a set frequency. I have made major changes before, about the same time frame as was revealed in the test and for similar reasons as I seek to move on now - satisfaction, challenge and need to create and make better. I take comfort in knowing my pattern within the cosmos.There are no open doors or clear path or sure thing in my pocket but I know it is time. While I am free to explore, to see to think to be, I can create, develop, and achieve success finding myself in a place where I can contribute, make a difference and find peace and joy.

Lessons along the way
++ Take time to know you self and decide what is in your best interest

++ Know when to say when and what that will mean

++ Explore all of the options, open all of the windows, doors, drawers and see what is there and where you are

++ Ask the questions – the easy ones, the hard ones, the silly ones, the scary ones and take on the answers

++ Ask others and be open to suggestions, ideas and recommendations

++ Analyze, measure, re frame, recapture, discard, absorb

++ Find your inner joy as you explore and find answers

++ Take a breath, step back and look at the options, move ahead

++ Be honest. Be sincere, be committed, and be thankful

++Take the path where you find peace

This is not easy or simple and it is certainly not done yet for me but I am hopeful and  taking it one day at a time.

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javangelo said...

"When you have achieved what you want in a certain area, when you have exploited the possibilities that lie in one direction, you must, when the time comes, change course, search for something new"

This phrase will certainly inspire a person who feels that he/she has achieved the trinity. The top is always lonely, but there are other toppers nearby in other fields, look for them.



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