Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, 2010!

As the clock struck 12 last evening we ended the Y2K decade. It came in with such hoopla, anticipation, caution and expectations. It was quite an interesting year! One thing I know for sure is that it came and went like a bat out of hell! With all of the proclamations and warnings, fear mongering harbingers, the decade of 2000, what I know is this. The year and the decade went in warp speed. Last year, 2009, I think went in what feels like a six month period. Man! I clocked a year in age and can't recall the happenings. It went too fast.

As we perambulate and journey through this new decade and New Year, we look forward to many changes, innovations, improvements and perhaps some of the issues and concerns that continue to be a part of life and will befall us. But despite these truths and realities, I wish you all a very merry, productive, satisfying and joy filled year. For those of you who've made the obligatory News Years' resolution, I wish you much success and stick-to-it-ness in this year. I hope that you realize all of your plans, goals and dreams.

I have learned that the trick to successful attainment of the resolutions or plans is to make the items actionable, realistic and practical. Keep them in your sight and involve your support group or a trusted person to help you keep pace. Set the goals and delineate the steps you will have to take to make them happen and you will achieve success. Give yourself a plan and a road map with time line so that you can see your progress. The level of attainment will act as reinforcement and help you to continue to toil away and get to the finish line.

For me, I never make those "resolutions" even though I think about my life and the things I would like to do, change, give, get and experience. I think of them in terms of my day to day activities and processes and try to keep them in my sight through out the year. The other thing I do is a periodic check in to see where I am and what adjustments or revisions I need to make to get to where I want. I stay off the mark in many ways and in many areas of my life but I keep coming back to the thought and belief that, yeah, tomorrow, although it is not promised to any of us, it will be a new day and anything is possible.

To all of you, my friends, family, acquaintances and fellow people Happy New Year! May God grant you the desires of your heart and bless us all with peace and grace.

All the Best in 2010!


Meggie said...

I wish you also, a year of Joy Peace & Health for 2010. Somehow the past one seemed a bit of a dud.
The Blue Moon brought promise of good fortune. Hugs XX

philly5113 said...

Thanks Meggie. I am looking forward to the realization of the promise of the blue moon for all of us!