Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Isn't it funny how we react to something when it seems unknown but as it becomes clear the reaction is relaxed. It's like getting a picture into focus from a blur and seeing what it is and appreciating it. Well, we had such an experience with LM and dinner yesterday. As I figured out the meal for today it came back to my mind and I had to stop and reckon with it, and you are too, now.

My husband made dinner for us yesterday. Saturdays are one of those anything goes,
kind of a day for meals around here. No fuss, eat in, eat out or whatever. He decided to make a dish we all like and enjoy. We usually buy it when we eat out at a popular Spanish restaurant; Tostones and chuletas (pork chops and green plantains).
Mind you I make pork chops at home sometimes, not often but we all love it. I generally make it southern style, or some fancy recipe - stuffed with jelly etc. Once in a while I make it Spanish style. Anyway, every so often my husband gets on a binge for the Spanish style and goes after it for a few days in a row. This meal is really a nice treat on Saturday especially as it is fast and fun and you eat a lot and it's great with your fingers!

Even though we may make pork chops and green plantain Spanish style, I mostly call it by the English name but not today. Not for any particular reason either. Well, I like the sound of it; chuleta y tostones!

As we got ready to eat I called LM to the table. I told him we were having chuletas and tostones for dinner, and asked if he'd like to eat. He looked at me quizzically and said hmmmm, yeah I'll have one. I said one? What chuleta or tostones? He had this look on his face as if to say Oo-k I'm not liking this game. He walked into the kitchen and I said well this is one plantain, showing him the tostones on the plate. His countenance changed. Now he knew what I was talking about. He grabbed a plate and helped himself. No more mystery food for dinner he must have said.

We got into the discussion after the meal about the various names we have for things, not only the language issue, but depending on the type and preparation of a food item. So the conversation went like this.
"Green plantain or platanos is mashed and fried and is called tostones."
"The yellow plantain is also fried but called maduros." Again he was befuddled.
"It's plantain, right? Yeah, so the green one has a different name from the yellow one?"
Hmmm, why is that, he asked? Well, as the plantain aged, or ripen it's name changes to maduro. Ok, that's good to know, he said and walked away.

I had a good laugh about it all. His facial expressions was something else. I know of a few other food items that have different names as it age or after it's prepared and not just the style of preparation either. I may do a list of them another time.

Can you share a similar experience or name changes of other foods you know?

So for today's dinner, it is the oh hum drum chicken, broccoli and herb and butter potatoes. And oh yes, a piece of maduro. It's the yellow thing on the plate. It was all very good!

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