Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 AFC Champion Colts!

Ok, well a bit delayed, but we all know that the C-O-L-T-S, Cots, Colts, Colts captured the championship. Wooohooooo, Colts! So the next big game is coming and I am working on my chant. I am not getting into football here. I just want to acknowledge the fact that experience, talent and skill will give the edge over raw guts, talent and skill. We have to give room for the big E, experience, especially when coupled with skill and talent. It will yield good results.

Now I have to give credit to the Jets because they believed. They believed in their coach and their team mates and their ability to win the game. It is good to have such motivation because it can yield big gains as well. This game however went to the bigger talent, skill and experience....knowing how, what to do and remembering what it takes to get the win, putting it into play, gave them the edge.

So the Vikings didn't make it and they had some the attributes I've mentioned. The difference there is in Brett loosing focus and making big mistakes. Even with experience, making mistakes will get you not where you want to be. I would've loved that match up.

Ok COLTS! go on and do your thing! You've been there and done that! Lets do it again baby!

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