Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jets or Colts? Anyman's Guess At This Time

My Voice and my Money is on the Colts

Ok so who are you rooting for today? The youth or the experience? The Colts and the Jets will play to determine the AFC championship. What's your pick?
The Green or the Blue
The record?
The coaching staffs?
The motivation or the favorites?

I like green like the next man, especially if green is money. I have to say that experience, history and belonging goes further than youth and inexperience. Knowing that you belong with the greats gets the resilience factor into play. I have to also say that the youth might have the heart and the will to give it everything without the jading of knowledge and experience but I'm still staying with the ole guys.

I like the Jets because I would like to know that my kids gets the break they deserve because of their ability and skill. Give him his due, Sanchez is doing a bang up job. You go boy!! I truly believe however that experience, history and skill will chump the newbie. Of course on any given Sunday it's any man's game... but on this day, I'm going Colts all the way.

Go Payte!!!!!!! C-O-L-T-S, Colts, Colts, Colts!!!!!

I love football games!
Hmmmmmmmmm..... Vikings and the Saints???? What do you think?

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