Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Grace in Small Things on Blogger!

I took the challenge presented by Schmutzie Pickles to take time to acknowledge the goodness and graces I experience daily at Grace in Small Things on Ning network. I began the GiST challenge last June to record 5 graces each day. If I followed the plan, I would have a record of 365 days of graces in a year.

We are now in February, as you know, and I haven't made half of the records to date as intended. Do we have to hit the magic number in a year? Can we take as long as we'd like? Will you get kicked off or looked on as a slacker if you fail to keep up the posts? Well I don't think so. Well I didn't pose the questions to the authorities, but judging from what I see on the site it seems safe to say no. You wouldn't get the boot, and that is a good thing.

The community is a loving caring and understanding group who knows what life is and can be. The slogan for the network is.... "because life is hard and love is large." "Grace in Small Things exists because we are choosing not to allow the noisiness of life to rob us of the time and energy to be mindful of ourselves and those we love and to recognize the grace that exists in small things."

I really like it there! I've made some friends who's touched me beyond the Internet. That is something to be grateful for. So with this long introduction, I want to say that I will be adding my daily Grace in Small Things posts on Blogger as well. Given my track record, I might not be the best example of the membership but you know what? I will take this step in faith. Life's road map and journey is never straight or exactly how you plan it. This is not an excuse, it's a reality so we make the adjustments and go on. ..... when life gives you lemon you make lemonade .........?!

As you will see from the post I've been away for a while. I trust that I will get and stay current. This post is longer tham what you will see on a regular basis as I am making a re-entry, again. I want to fill my friends in on my absence etc. You will most likely see the 5 graces in a list. If you haven't joined the community yet, go check it out. You will like what you see.

Grace in Small Things
So here goes my GiST # 115
So many graces so little time! I am grateful for the thoughts and prayers and friendships from the GiST community. My MIL was laid to rest with pride and was shared with so many people. We believe she will be among the angels that will continue to do Gods work.

I am so far behind in recording my graces and I am afraid that my 365 day record will be way extended beyond the calendar year from when I started. I was happy to accept the challenge and thought I was prepared to carry it through within the time frame. Unfortunately life got in the way. I thought I would get back on track last week. That was my plan on Thursday but guess what? I got sick. Out of work sick. Laid up couldn't do much sick. I felt better from the previous issue but got a case of stomach virus last week. It knocked me out for the week.

I am grateful however to have this community and challenge to remind me to be contemplative and deliberate in acknowledgment and sharing of the goodness and blessings in my life. I know that at times the record is simple and perhaps reactionary but it gives me cause to reflect and plan to take note and appreciate graces. So I think I am on the way back. Back to the daily post of the graces I will recall. I will also look up and visit my friends and enjoy their reflections and learn from their messages. I will also look to make new friends and also find joy and beauty in their messages as well.

For today, I am grateful for:
1. GiST and all that it stands for and mean to me.
2. Thankful for recovered health
3. Enjoyed a ride with my boy to visit my mother
4. A nice and playful conversation with my daughters
5. Goodness and joy of spending time with mom.

Elaine, you are very special! Thank you.

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