Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankfully Thursday Encounter

An Encounter
Today is Thursday, the first one for the year 2010. It was a good but hectic day for me at work but I am thankful not only for the day but for the work and the people around. I had a meeting that I arranged but wasn't quite at peace with it because the folks I was to meet with weren't a popular group with me. Previous encounters have left unsettling thoughts and feelings...

I of course put on my armor and went ahead to conduct the business. I did my piece with that armor on and expected the usual attitudes and behaviors and was prepared to react. Ok, I said that this is a New Year and we should strive to make appropriate changes and here I am, a couple of days into the Year and I am reacting like last year instead of viewing this day as a new day.

Well , thank goodness, I was pleasantly surprised with the result and outcome of the meeting and the attitude and behavior of the group. You know, this reaffirmed for me that each day is a new day and we should approach them and embrace them as such. Being open and available in each situation enables us to react and appreciate the joys and the beauty that comes with the opportunity. Even if there are challenges or issues to struggle with on each encounter or each day, they are still new days and opportunities to live, love, laugh with, about and at yourself in the moment.

As the meeting went on, I sensed the changes in the group. I slowly adjusted my position and I am thankful that I had confirmation that change is here and it is good. Perhaps each one in the group resolved to turn over a new leaf and saw this as an opportunity to achieve this goal with me. I am learning my lessons here!

I am thankful that it is Thursday, the work week is ending and I can have an opportunity to rest, reflect and re-tool. I can strengthen my resolve to go through each day as a new day, a clean slate, and to be open and optimistic.

Are you being tested to practice your resolutions?! Remember each day is a new day, another opportunity to be the best that you can be.

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