Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is Bargain Shopping Worth the Trip?

As I shopped to get ready for the holidays; gifts for friends and families, home decorating items and of course for self, I tried to manage my funds so that it stretched as far as it could go. I don't as a rule skimp on gifts. I will get a gift that I feel like giving but I will skimp on things that are for me and for home goods for example. I went out to get some items for decorating and freshening up the rooms but went bargain shopping for them. Do you really get a bargain with the discount stores or just shoddy job-lots and aggravation?

I bought a sheet set at a discount store thinking it will be a good buy. It didn't say irregular or 2nd rate or anything like that on it. These are supposed to be deep discounted items from large department stores that are sold in this place. The sheet was in a nice package, not my usual brands, but it seemed fine. The package was in tact and with the size printed on it, a queen sized sheet. I was happy with the find and took it home to use for the holiday.

As I cleaned and got ready to make the bed, I gleefully opened the packet of new sheets. The color was a nice compliment to the rest of the room so, yay for me, a good deal! Well, it was a good deal until I got ready to put the fitted sheet on the bed.

You know how you open out the sheet and throw it in the air to open out and fall on the mattress. Well, this sheet didn't open out to the size of a queen bed. It was the size of a cot, maybe a baby's crib mattress size. I have never seen seen such. Imagine my dismay and anger. I need this now?! I don't have time to come back to this task. The holiday is looming and I have other chores to do. I had to pull something out of the closet.
I will have a return trip to that store. Is bargain shopping worth the trip or should you prepare for a two trip deal?

So I ask you; did I get a bargain or did I get a lemon? Can we really trust these cut rate stores to truly give us a correct item or are they all irregular or second rate things. Now it will cost me a trip back to the store, aggravation to demand a refund as I do not want store credit. Fool me once, buddy..... that's it! This is already over seven days since I bought the sheets so that's some arguing as it is over their return time frame. I might have to take some other item as an exchange which might possible be a waste of money.

I guess you can find a bargain and you can find an egg or lemon in these stores. Sadly, this time, which is my jolly happy time, I got a rotten egg. I guess I will bargain shop for things that are out of a wrapper that I can see and inspect thoroughly before I buy to make it worth the trip. I hope all of your holiday shopping went well!


Independent Queen said...

ugh, burnt my pocket for new year party preparation and stuff. No time to bargain at all. Anyway, Happy New Year to u philly~! Hope u'll have a blast one~!

philly5113 said...

I hope you and your guests have a blast too! I wish you a great and prosperous New Year.