Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Time Reflection. Merry Christmas 2009

As the holiday gets in full swing and the season change to winter my mood is nostalgic of Christmastime of yester-year and the hope of another good Christmas. As Christmas 2009 is here and fuel our remembrances and celebrations, I would like to share a reflection that is the mantra of the time. Jesus is the reason for the season. This sounds like a cliche and maybe it is, but I think that it is important to have an understanding of what Christmas means and an application of what it means and ought to mean.

Even for the most devout agnostic the focal point or reason for a celebration is the knowledge and belief that we prepare and celebrate or find significance in reckoning the special or supreme being. A Being that is worthy of recognition and acknowledgement and celebration.

For those who believe in the Christ child's supremacy and goodness in spreading his everlasting arm to protect and guide us will celebrate him.
While we do the Hallmark thing and react to the ego and the one-up-man ship of coveting all of the newest items and indulge ourselves and friends and families, we must remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and honor Him. As we reflect on this we should try to focus on the truths that he has taught us and use them to guide our activities and our behaviour. This lesson from our reflection should also guide us everyday of our lives.

Jesus Christ is a gift to us, not because we are deserving, but because he is love. We should therefore take the lessons he has taught us and be more like him. We should strive to be a gift to others, not just give of ourselves (from our purses). We should be kind to each other, care deeply for each other and be willing to forgive freely out of love and care. This I think is the way to celebrate Jesus and Christmas. Let us thank Him for a new day and another year of life! Let us thank Him for his tender mercies and His grace. Let us thank Him by caring for each other.

Merry Christmas everyone, May God continue to bless you and keep you safe and in love. Be a gift to others and your rewards will be great! May your christmastime reflection bring you peace.

Merry Christmas!


Chris said...

Merry Christmas..Nice blog

philly5113 said...

Thanks Chris. Merry Chistmas to you and your family. "Goodwill to all men",P

nice A said...

Thanks for your nice comment in my blog which has made me discover yours. I also love your deep thoughts and this is the kind of posts I want to read through.
You defined very well in here the true meaning of Christmas. I for one am trying to revolutionize materialism during the Christmas season.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.