Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Feeds, Design and Layout - Technical difficulties

Right now I am feeling very frustrated and miserable with blog design and layout issues.

Why? Why you ask?! I am glad you ask! This blog thing is giving me grey hairs and ingrown toe nails. You know, grief! But thank God for angels like Vin at BetaBlogger 4 Dummies I have been so pre-occupied with getting the errors corrected, I haven't been able to add new posts. I have been plagued with blog feeds, design and layout technical difficulties.

You know that I have been thinking about and trying to spruce up the ole blog for some time now. It's been the very basic newbie style since I uploaded it. I have been planning to do something with it to make it more appealing and up to par with some of the fabulous pages I've visited and to frankly get it to look more representative. Starting the blog was so easy, I thought I had it figured. Huh, rude awakening!!!

Some folks certainly have the knack, patience and skill on this thing. Some others with the means pay to get what they want, and still others like me, struggle with the DIY system because....! This DIY system has gotten the best of me right now. I must admit that the appearance is not half bad but not where I want it. I have done a few things to it thus far thanks to the help and resources of some of the industry's wizards and gurus. I am learning and you know what?

I think I will pay my experience forward so that others new to the blogosphere and find it a bit challenging and is on the DIY plan, can have a better experience. I will put some handy, helpful tips in one place for them to use. I just have to get this thing the way I want it first. Then I have something to talk about.

I must give a huge shout out to Vin of the Blog Doctor aka Betablogger 4 Dummies for helping me to clean up some of the issues. He is truly a gem. Check out their website it has help for all sorts of issues AND he responds to the emails, promptly. The site is not just searching and help yourself postings of help topics and issues. You can search and ask questions and get an email response.
Wow I tell you, he's been great and wonderful and I am making real progress. Stay with me Vin, I am getting there!

Now if I can just figure out the codes and how to make the main page of the blog wider and how to link pages across the top, like home, about me, xxxxxx etc I'd be good.

All you pro-bloggers and experts out there I welcome and appreciate your help too.
Thanks for keeping me in the game.


Kristine said...

There's nothing as frustrating as a blog design that won't cooperate!

philly5113 said...

Let me tell you, its a real pain in the arse!

Thanks for your support.