Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Work Makes the Hero

Yes We Can
The current buz word of the day is Yes we can. It was the political catch phrase of the recent presidential election. It was also a slogan for previous political campaigns. We made a big deal out of it during this campaign as if it were a novel idea or a new discovery. The issue or the point here is not on the yes we can, but on the celebrations of heroes. This rant is the result of reading TVChurch Blog recently. They had a post on the topic and it got me cheering. We have to remember that the WE should get some public acclaim because it is the essential ingredient that leads to the success.

The reality is this. Everything we do or accomplish is a result of yes WE can. Even if we are remotely connected, or connected from afar. The contribution or input of the manufacturer, the seamstress, dishwasher, typewriter/word processor, farmer, teacher, etc., is major in the final product. WE can do more than ME even when ME takes the credit more often than not, disregarding or not acknowledging the contribution of others in the success or production. WE that contribute to the final product - can and does make it happen even if the 'front guy/gal' is a single person. Believe it or not we all have limitations of some kind and is therefore dependent on or need the involvement or contribution of others or things.

You know the old saying, 'behind every successful man is a woman'; sadly it is the men who usually take the credit. But I guess we all know better. Let's take our heroes. Name your favorite hero. The behavior or the results will likely be the same. There is one person or individual in front as THE hero, the wise guy, the star! Yeah, they may take the biggest risk, put their name on something. I am here to tell you that they have a side kick, a crew, scientists, the look out man, the work horse, the finisher, proof reader, the writers etc. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippin, Koby had Shaq or Shaq had Kobe. Johnny Carson had EdMcMahon, James Bond had Ms Moneypenny and the scientists. Need I go on? Afterall, the Lone Ranger had Tonto!

Ok, so we hear about Bonnie and Clyde, but that's different.

So yes WE can, is a social marketing theme but it is the way we achieve. It is important and necessary that WE share in the work and WE are acknowledged as part of the team. Our President not only says Yes We Can because it is a catchy phrase, for example, but because WE all need to work together to achieve the goals and the changes for prosperity. Remember another popular slogan; united we stand divided we fall.

Yes WE can! because the hero and the Lone Ranger is a vital part of the team with their supporters or side kick. Hooray for the side kicks, the credit goes to you too.

This time your acknowledgement is in the public eye!!
Thanks for all that you do so that we can celebrate our heroes.

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