Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Snapshot of The Plaza

The Plaza Chronicles

I finally remembered to take the camera with me AND actually took some pictures of The Plaza, in the Plaza. Of course, as I told you, this is a very busy spot and especially this time of the day, 12-3pm. This day was no different, people are every where, coming and going. I am not so happy though, because this isn't a very big fruit supply day. My favorite spot isn't as stocked as it usual is but still has a good supply. In any case there are no less that 4 fruit spots in The Plaza and they carry pretty much the same things.

In addition to the fruit vendors there are vendors with a variety of products, dolls, belts, jewellery, luggage, clothes, shoes and other novelty items like magnets for the refrigerators.

I tried to get some photos without people as I didn't want to have to get permission to use their images, not that they would agree, and I didn't have time to work at it. In fact, I was getting all kinds of stares and quizzical looks came my way like "what the hell....?!" and so I got limited shots, and where I couldn't, I 'took out' the people. So here are a few shots of The Plaza as I walk through for the Plaza Chronicles.

This is a long shot of the plaza. The vendors are lines up under these fixtures. Early morning and late evenings they stand empty and almost desolate. But you have a feel of the energy and hustling that goes on during the day.

The seating area by the restaurants or food counters.

Of course you will see my favorite lunch spot and where I sit to eat my lunch. I bring my lunch with me. There is also a shot of the spot I move to if I have to leave prematurely. The food spots are in this area as well. These are small food counters with grills where you can have breakfast items to soups, salads to chicken, fish, hamburgers, tacos, etc, a pretty wide selection.

The spot!!
Ahhhhhh, The Lunch Spot. This is my favorite seating area. I share this spot with folks who buy their lunch from the kiosk. They have a variety of items from hot dogs to enchiladas! You can also buy a container of fruits, ready to eat here. You can see the tree canopy and a bus at the bus stop on the other side of The Plaza.

This is the super fruit kiosk. This is a very 'lean' day for this site, nonetheless, many fruits available. You can see a supply of mangoes, but he has apples, plums, cherries, strawberries, grapes. wow! It holds a wallop.

This is a side view of the super fruit stand. This is the area of my 2nd Lunch seating. I have to leave my fave spot prematurely or if I feel like hanging out in The Plaza for a little while longer. This is a really nice shaded area to sit. Folks would sit here to wait for the bus or eat the fruit bowl or other item that they've purchased from the nearby food counter.

A large fruit area 'created' recently.
This is one area of fruits. This section was created recently. You will notice that there is no cart or kiosk here. A nice variety of fruits is usually available. There is also the occasional vegetables as well at this spot. Interestingly enough, I found the Cactus Plum here.

A sampling of some of the non-food vendors.

Toys and games.

This area is partially empty but you can see toys and games for kids.
Something for everyone in The Plaza!

I hope you enjoyed the snapshots of The Plaza. It is a very interesting and busy place for shopping, sampling a variety of foods, enjoying the weather and people or to just sit and reflect amid the hustle and bustle.

I like it and so I chronicle these days in The Plaza.

Please share your thoughts of The Plaza with me!

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