Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to College Moving and Storage Made Easy


As I unwind from the college road trip to move-in for the '09-'10 year, I have some news to share. I think everyone should know about this and have the option to make the move-out/move-in experience less harrowing. Of course an elevator building also helps, but that is a bit more challenging. I have to give the biggest shout out to SMARTBOX Portable Storage!

Let me tell you, they are g-r-e-a-t! It is the smartest way to move and store your stuff. We used them for the first time at the end of last semester and it is well worth it. The process was so simple and reasonably priced. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. We placed the call to request the service, paid the fee and the box was delivered as arranged. The SMARTBOX came with all of the necessary packing tools and materials - boxes, tape, etc. We had more than enough supplies for the super duper load that my daughter managed to accumulate. The SMARTBOX itself was huge.

Just like the pick up, the drop off was a breeze. We called Dave and requested delivery, gave the location, (you know my pet peeve with the annual move) and when we arrived on campus, voila! the SMARTBOX was there and intact. Everything was there with minor shift of the stuff inside the container. What a joy! Nothing was broken, nothing was missing or damaged. SMARTBOX, you can count on my business any day. As their slogan goes; convenient, flexible and affordable. I can tell you they deliver. You order what you need and pay for what you use. Amen to that too!

So, I am very happy that we got this move under the belt and with such finesse and joy. I am not that happy about the bucks we spent at the malls, but I am happy that my daughter is set up nicely, and she is, and we made the round trip safely - although it was an escapade to get home, we made it back safely.

I have one more kid to get ready for college this year but luckily, the travel will be way less than this one, and I am hoping that the purchases will also be less. But as I said earlier, there is something funny about going back to school and the lure of those merchants.

I wish all you students good health, good friends, much success, peace and Gods grace in this New Year!

Thanks SMARTBOX, you're the best!

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