Friday, August 21, 2009

It's The Back to School Trip Day

So, sadly, it's that time of year again. The back to school trip time.

As the summer draws to a close it beckons a new beginning; not just the fall or Autumn but the beginning of a new school year. New school year's always occupy and engages the entire family. The merchants in that cottage industry are well pleased. I guess for us moms with college aged children especially, that is a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because we can easily find the stuff the kids want and the things you think they ought to have for your comfort sake. It is a curse because the shopping and collecting stuff breaks the bank every time. It seems that no matter how you prepare throughout the summer and plan to recycle etc, you still end up spending way more that you imagined or wanted to.

Sadly, this is an ongoing saga through out the school year but certainly not to the same degree as getting set up. Just expect to be shelling out the bucks for something else as the year goes by. But that being said, on move-in day, you will walk away feeling that your student is well prepared with all of the desired creature features and is ready to dig in to the program ahead.

This is the first year that the move-in day experience was a relative breeze on our brawn, but not the purse. Yay for the housing lottery system, it was merciful. A step or two got us onto the platform leading to the doorway of a building with an elevator! woohoooo!

We drove back home feeling really good for this stroke of luck. We were too thrilled that our muscles were so relaxed ater the exercise. We did not have to climb stairs or lift boxes up xxx number of flights of stairs. It was a lift on and off the hand trucks. It's amazing! I could do this again tomorrow with no problem, if I had to. Yay for the housing lottery this year. The dorm is lovely!

I guess it gets better with time. More details will follow on this trip.

How was your back to school trip this year?!

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