Monday, August 17, 2009

Creating a Mindset of Positive Attitude

I was away from home this weekend so I visited a local church for Sunday Service. This was my first time attending that church. It was a small congregation but a friendly, welcoming group. It was an interesting experience. I am sharing this story because of the connection to something I have been thinking about recently; Mindset.

The message for the service was changing mindset to create positive attitude.

You may know that I follow Breaking Mindset blog. I enjoy the posts and appreciate the insights there. The Title of the blog caught my attention and got me to think about how mindset affect or impact what we do or say. I have been very alert to issues or concerns of mindset lately as a result.

While I was in the bookstore last week shopping for the book The Third Chapter, I came across a book about mindset. Oh wow! Hmmm. I stopped and perused the book. I didn't buy it but I looked through it. Now, about a week later, I went to this little church, over 100 miles away and the sermon was on changing mindset! Naturally, I have to say something here.

The focus of the sermon was what else; how our mindset dictates our behavior and if left unchecked can be dangerous to self and others. The Minister reminded us that our frame of mind or mindset determines the thoughts and actions that we usually unleash on others. Some of these actions are evil, and can be damaging. The Minister continued that he has encountered people with negative mindset that lead to devastating behavior toward co-workers or neighbors. It is therefore something for us to pay attention to.

The take home message here was that everyone needs to make a concerted effort to change their mindset to make it a positive one. The Minister sent us out to remember that it is important to keep our eyes on our mindset and take the time to examine ourselves and make adjustments so that we maintain a positive attitude and behavior. This he says will make the world a better place.

What do you think? Is it our mindset that is negative or the circumstance of our environmental situation? Is there a difference between the two?
Let me know what you think.


Sathira said...

Hi Alma,

I believe the main difference here is one is internal and the other one is external. Hahaha... .

Just like to share an example with you, if you are mopping the floor and your kids step on the area you have just mopped and dirty it again, will you get angry? If you get angry, what are the things that make you angry? The extrenal things like : The dirty floor? The kids? The mop or the internal thing - your mind?

philly5113 said...

Thanks Sathira for the feedback. I think you have a good example. As I think about it I have new questions and comments on the influence of the external to shape the internal. hehehe. This oculd go on. Lets see what others think.

Sathira said...

Our mind is like a monkey. It jumps from tree (thought) to tree (thought). If we do not take the effort to manage them, they will manage us.

An example of a person who is influenced by the external factors is a person who are "addicted" to branded products. His or her life will be "managed or controlled" by the "branded" company.

Everyone has a choice in life, either you manage your own life or you let someone else manage your life.

Cheers and take care.

philly5113 said...

Good point!

Nancy said...

I definitely think mindset can change what happens around you. I look at it from an education point of view: I can "talk" kids into behaving well. It's all about how you phrase things, what you draw attention to, and your tone. We all want good things to happen to us. They don't always, but if you can see the good or at least the greater benefit of everything than you can find happiness and peace with your life faster.