Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confessional Moments that Transform Your Life

Bill Moyers Journal
Well here is an interesting piece for those of you who have been pondering ,"who am I" and "what's next for me" or some similiar question. This is targeted to the middle aged or 50 something group. I think, from what I heard, and hope to learn from reading the book, there will be some strategies that could be useful for all age groups.

I was channel surfing the other night, as I often do, and came across this piece. I happened upon Bill Moyer's Journal on PBS and got stuck for the segment. Bill Moyer's Journal is a weekly show on PBS. He stated that the show this week was a special show for the PBS annual fundraiser period. I hope you will consider contributing to your local PBS station.

Anyway this is the story and why it got my attention. The Third Chapter by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot is a book about the mid-stage of life and how people prepare and go through the period. The book includes reports from 40 interviews of people in what she referred to as the penultimate stage of their lives. During this stage, adults contemplate their value, worth or future through what she termed confessional moments. The Third Chapter provides insights from the interviewees on their transformative process and the wisdom they discover and beauty that comes with aging.

The discussion on the Journal centered around some of the people interviewed for the book and their confessional moments. We heard about some of their adventures and passion and introspection that revealed their resourcefulness and capacity to innovate leading them to more fulilled lives and satisfying new careers. We also got an insight into Lawrence-Lightfoot's family and works.

At the end of the segment I got up, walked over to the computer and hit B&N to find the book. They had it. I read the reviews that they listed on the website, they weren't great, but I thought that I would still get the book as I am sorta, kinda trying to figure some things out. So based on the interview with the author, I think I can learn a thing or two. I usually buy from Barnes and Noble on line but I didn't want to wait for the delivery so I check for the nearest store. I went there yesterday to get the book. I will give my two cents about the book later.

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot has several books to her credit and is a very interesting and important person in education and sociology. I enjoyed listening to her and learning about her. Please check out the story on Bill Moyers Journal. I think you will enjoy it too.

Have you read this book, The Third Chapter yet?

What are your thoughts on the book and the topic?
Please share your comments with us.

Thanks Bill, thanks PBS for bringing us such important programming.

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