Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wow, I belong to GiST

I am a very happy and proud member of Grace in Small Things. I got in today. I must say that I have been following Thoughts from along the broken road for some time now and she is a member of GiST. I always liked the widget and her entries. Now I will be sharing my thoughts and the widget on my Lx3 blog. So here is my first post.

1. Giving thanks for being accepted to the Grace in Small Things network. yay!
2.Walking in the rain to do my usual weekend chores without an umbrella and in flip flops. A sudden down pour came, a monsoon, lasting for about ten minutes and then return to a drizzle. I love walking in the rain, not so much in flip flops.
3.Returning phone calls to out of town friends just touching base. Always a great feeling.
4.Figuring out the schedule for the week - what to do, who has to go where, when, what to wear, etc.
5. Being able to watch the basketball finals with some friends even though I don't have a favorite team in the playoff this time around.

I will need some help and tips to get the sync just right with the badge and the posts. All are welcome!


K13 said...

Good list. You can ask dawn for help on the widget. I'm sure she would be glad to help!

philly5113 said...

Thanks for the visit and the appreciation. Hope to see you soon, again!