Friday, June 26, 2009

He is out of my life; Gone but never forgotten!

"He's Out Of My Life"

He's Out Of My Life he's Out Of My Life
And I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry
I Don't Know Whether To Live Or Die
And It Cuts Like A Knife
He's Out Of My Life

It's Out Of My Hands
It's Out Of My Hands
To Think For so few Years he Was Here
And I Took Him For Granted I Was So Cavalier
Now The Way That It Stands
He's Out Of My Hands

So I've Learned That Love's Not Possession
And I've Learned That Love Won't Wait
Now I've Learned That Love Needs Expression
But I Learned Too Late

He's Out Of My Life he's Out Of My Life
Damned Indecision And Cursed Pride
Kept My Love For Him Locked Deep Inside
And It Cuts Like A Knife
He's Out Of My Life
--Michael Jackson, 1979 Off the Wall album - "She's Out of my Life"

Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the love. Thank you ! Rest in peace!


Kelly said...

Many people have their own thoughts good or bad about Michael. I for one am a big fan and I am sad. No matter what a person may think, he is undeniably an American Icon and has contributed to the music industry in a way that few artists have every done. His legacy is that of one that can never be copied or outdone. What he gave us is a true gift of music and artistic genius that paved the way for many other music and video artists. I will miss him.

philly5113 said...

Thanks for expressing these sentiments here. We will all miss him. Miss his talent, his creativity, his mischiefs and controversies, his genius. Although we think about him in terms of his music and his performances, His life and talent have impacted the entire world in many ways.
I pray for his eternal rest.

Kelly, I hope you will visit again.Thanks