Thursday, June 4, 2009

IHOP, a reasonably priced family meal

For a real tasty, filling and reasonably priced meal for the family, on one of those evenings that you want to get together for a social, but your purse is not feeling very sociable, visit your neighborhood IHOP. It's a win win for all!

We went to the local IHOP this evening and was pleasantly surprised with the menu, the service, and the cost of our order. They have a very good menu that fit all tastes, interest and pocket book. Its a full menu and all items are available all day long. You have your breakfast foods, lunch and dinner foods even some favorites, and eat anytime foods and desserts. A nice selection of beverages too. The menu caters to the children, seniors, dieters and all other peculiarities for food.

We used to call it the International House of Pancakes, now the trendy, IHOP. They even celebrate a national pancake day in February. IHOP touts itself as a family style restaurant with reasonably priced high quality foods. It made its name, to me anyway, selling breakfast specialities; various styles of eggs, pancakes and sausages with at least 4 types of pancake syrups, among other items. Their restaurants all have a similar set up and is very comfortable and nice looking. IHOP is set up in a diner style with booths, and single tables. They can rearrange those tables to suit the size of your party. The location we visited in the City was pleasant and comfortable and quite busy at 9pm.
The prices are really, really good and the waiter will explain how to manage your cost. Our waiter explained that we could order a 'small' for less or reduce the amount of 'meats' on the order to cut costs. You could make other changes or enhancements to modify your cost. Everyone in my party found something they liked or craved on the menu. The waiter was polite, very versed in the menu offering and his service was brisk.

We had a good time. The food and service was very good and we loved the price. We had an interesting array of foods from the menu; from soup and salad, to burgers, steak and chicken. It was all very good and we were all very satisfied. The Strawberry Festival, the seasonal offering right now, is g-r-ea-t!

Thanks IHOP for responding to the economic situation in a way that makes it possible for families to still get out and have a good meal.

IHOP is in all 50 states so find your local resturant and take a trip!

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