Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Wordbead Meme trial

As I continue my quest to learn about meme so that I can make it a regular feature here, I came across Wordbead on the daily meme blog. It was listed as an option for memes along with others. I chose to try this one from the list because I am a crafts person. I spent many hours and dollars on beads and beads projects with my kids, so naturally, I was smitten by the prospect.

I just collected the word list for this week, Junne 21, and will atempt to "string them together" to form some beautiful, hopefully, pieces. The five words are underlined and linked to the dictionary. Please tell me what you think. Better yet join me!

The huge oak tree sits ominously behind the shed of the old house at the end of the lane.
You could sit quiet there for hours enjoying the breeze and the comfort of nature and no one would know and disturb you. Sitting under this oak tree, you will drift way into thoughts of wonders and estacy, staying preoccupied with thoughts and ambigious feelings for hours unend. These are the thoughts you would keep private or only share with your closest confidant because it may be seen as obscene . Afterall, these thoughts could leads to actions that can be responsible for the creation of complex organisms. We are all born as a result of quiet preoccupation of thoughts and actions that seems obscene but can be the beginning of a beautiful life.
What do you think? am I on the right track? Please comment!


flit said...

I'm impressed.

philly5113 said...

Thanks friend, I appreciate the comment.