Saturday, June 20, 2009

This crazy Spring Weather

What’s going on with the weather?
I can’t recall seeing so much rain in a single week or month in these parts. All day rain, consecutive days like a tropical climate' rainy season and we’re not having summer temperatures. Granted it’s not like the monsoon, maybe monsoon like, or the torrential rains of some places, but just rain, rain, light rain, heavy rain, intermittent rain, major downpour of rain, every day rain, day in and day out in some combination of flow.

What’s going on this year? Is El Niño/La-Nina getting major, the green house effect is in effect, changing climate, global warming needs a cooling or just some aberration in the climate in this part of the world. Is the weather this spring a type of cyclical recurrence, not necessarily from our environmental destruction or excesses or over indulgence? Is this something that occurs ever ‘X’ years or million of years? Is there any such data or report for us to check into? I am getting water logged.

I was watching ABC News Nightline Program last evening and they had a segment on the weather. They reported that the country is seeing tornados, hot and cold temperatures, mudslides; a weather pattern that has 'flipped' from the usual to this. For example the reporter said that the mid-west has seen 70 tornadoes since the spring with winds so fierce they've tossed trains off the track, hailstorms from Colorado to New Jersey and mudslides in Utah. Sam Champion, the reporter continued, Seattle Washington had no rain in 28 days of the season while New York City had 18 days of rain, 150% of the normal rain fall with torrential down pours that interrupted ball games. DC had doubled the amount of rainfall.

Don’t get me wrong I like the rain. I like to play in the rain, I like to stay in on a rainy day and eat soup, watch movies, play games or go out and splash in the puddles but the latent effect of so much rain can be a doozey. I like singing in the rain, the movie, and singing in the rain with the kids. Going out to work or about the business of living and getting wet and wet and wet again is no fun. Not to mention the illnesses that may befall us from all this exposure, they can be ugly. Hey what gives?

I know the plants and the environment need rain, we all need the rain but not so much, not all at once. We will have excesses in the rivers, the dams, the soil, watch out, floods! grass and bugs; flees, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, bees, you got the picture, right?! That’s another problem. Flowers are one of my favorite things and they need the water to bloom etc but they too could have a problem from too much rain at the same time.

So, what do we want?

Just the right amount of rain, balance!

When do we want it?


Hey, Mother Nature are you listening?!

Husbands beware, wives stock up on the bengay, mineral ice and other treatments; oh those aching backs! Get plenty of Off, and other repellants, Benedryl and other allergy stuff and tissues, aaahchoo! I think we are in for a prickly ride this summer.

Hmm...! for those of you on the coasts, gear up for the hurricane season, it might be a looloo!
Be merciful Mother Nature. Give us a break.

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