Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stolen Friendship, A Life Taken Away

Yesterday I wrote in response to the change in the weather, what a difference a day makes. We moved from gloom, rain and cold to a sunny, warm beautiful day. Today, this day, there is a marked difference in my life in the number of people I know, loved and now lost.

Today I lost a very dear friend, supporter, confidant of sorts, a colleague, a visionary, a committed, caring, loving human being. I saw her yesterday. She gave a rousing presentation calling us to action. She was energetic, full of life, zest, passion for doing what is good, what is right and what is just for the community. Equity, fairness and good quality of life for the families of her beloved community was her life’s work. She took that cause on personally, whole hearted and vociferously with her soft melodic voice, patience and quiet determination.

This morning on her way to work, traveling the way she loved and fought for others to be able to do and have the access to do so. This morning she was killed by a bus while riding her bike to work.

Last night we made plans to meet up for lunch one day next week after meetings we would attend in different places in the city but close to each other. Now with this day’s dawning, that will never happen. What a difference a day makes. This day has created a void, a loss, devastation and a change that will forever affect us all. The pain is intense and unforgiving.

I really don’t know what to say, what to think, how to feel or how to accept this. The tears haven’t made it clearer or better or help me to understand. I do know that the pain and grief of this loss will ever leave me or lessen but I pray for her peace and eternal rest. I am so lucky to have known her, worked with her, and loved her. My life has been blessed and enriched by her involvement and presence. I thank you.

I don’t know how to say goodbye but we will come together with family and friends to say farewell on Friday morning. Thank you for your love, your sincerity and your greatness. The world is truly smaller now that you are gone but you will never be forgotten. You have touched generations and you have given us your all. I love you.

Rest in Peace my friend, Rest in Perfect Peace.

Today, I am grateful for friendship, for love and caring and for the blessing of knowing a humanitarian and a beautiful woman.

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