Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Repairs by Remote Control

The other day I called for some tech help at work because I could not log in to the network. I made the request for help and got a ticket - a response to expect the service. I was told that the Tech person would get to me soon. He came by and looked at the system, gave me so tech-eze about the problem and assured me that he could fix it. I was on to some other tasks while he worked at my station.. When I got back to my desk, I had a new operating system, a cleaner desk top and good function. I even got a new keyboard because the one I had would cut off whenever it chose even in the middle of typing. I was happy.

Today I called for help from the tekkie because I had a printing problem. I got the usual response. I waited for him for a while but he did not come. I went to lunch. As I returned to my desk and got on my computer, the screens began to change without my doing. I sat back and watched the screens I had open closed. A dialog box popped up, and letters started appearing and formed words. It said; "hi, let me know when you are back from lunch so that I can assist you with resolving the printing problem."

Huh, I thought. Oh, the brave new world! Or the anti social mechanical world of technology that diminish our human interactions. I typed back, "I am here." He explained that he would work on the problem from wherever he was. I said OK, not that he asked my permission. I sat back and watched as he worked on my system. Screens opened and closed in flashes and voila! the problem was fixed.

I was expecting to see my friendly tekkie work on my system at my station; instead, I got a remote service call. Wow! Is this technology replacing humans or perhaps eliminating the personal touch? What does this really represent in the world or humanity?

What does it represent in terms of privacy and the big brother effect or syndrome?

Is your monitor being monitored in secret while you work?

Food for thought or issues for concern and action? Is there action to be taken and by whom?

What do you say?

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