Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grace in Small things Day - 145

Oh what a beautiful, morning, oh what a beautiful day..... this puts me in mind of that soothing song even though I didn't think that everything is going my way. It was a beautiful sunny Monday morning.

***Getting up and out of the house fresh, energized and early for a morning meeting. Still psyched from the weekend events.

***Mom had a good report from her check up today. She is holding her own - Blessings.

***Despite the negative energies and uncertainties around the office I am holding firm in staying absent in the presence of the mess.

***Well, I managed to hold on to the thought and belief that I need to start the shedding of years of adding to my frame. Yesterday Elaine commented about this and I concurred. One simple thing I know I can do is to walk more. I can actually walk part of the way home for one thing -about 10 blocks across a bridge with a very nice view. That has always been a fleeting thought and a nice feeling to think about making that move but it's been stuck in thought.

Although I didn't plan for it, I walked home from work tonight. Glory be I still feel energized at bed time. The goodness of doing the right thing for self.

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