Friday, March 19, 2010

Grace in Small Things - Day 156 Farewell Dear Friend

This was another warm beautiful sunny day today. A day of goodbyes, so long and a day to remember. A day to be thankful for friends, family, and grace. Grace to experience another day of living and to embrace others.

Meeting my daughter for the trip to send off my friend. It was quite comforting to have her with me.

The outpouring of love and sadness for what we will miss and what we have lost. The chapel overflowed with people, tears, laughter and thankfulness.

Gathering of friends and acknowledgement of magnanimous heart.

Refocus, regroup, reflection, stillness.

I thank you my Gist community for your prayers and your love. You have given me strength. Your friendship means so much.

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baili said...

wow your words are so simple but very touching dear ,i red it twice ,thanks for such lovely blog and posts ,and thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog i am really honored ,it is amazing and joyful to meet such kind and sweet people like you through the beautiful world of blogging ,thanks again and take great care ,you are lucky ,i really miss to have a daughter