Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun Weekend Getaway

We had a chance to get out of town for the weekend this past weekend and man, did I enjoy myself. It was a long time coming, as we have not had a chance to get away just for fun. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. We took a walk around the area to see what was there. One thing stood out was the number of churches in the area. I remarked to LM that the area should be called Church Row. There must have been eight churches along the way, about 6 blocks– big and small doors or signs/buildings and steeples just doors apart from each other.

The food at the Sheraton was very good. I enjoyed every bit. I loved the layout and the decorations and the place. Each table in the lounge had a beautiful floral arrangement with three designs. Our luncheon table had a round arrangement very spring like with yellow roses, and the dinner table had the arrangement above with tall flowers above the bowl.

Look at the chandeliers. Gorgeous, isn’t it. As we looked around the room, LM pointed out the statue atop a wall of a man on a horse. Hey, let’s get a picture of him, he said. We went up the steps to get in position to get the picture and saw that it was George Washington. A nice touch!

Oh, let me give you a glimpse of the room. It had a King sized bed. Take a look. The bed was huge; a four-poster. The room was nicely done. It had the latest equipment and a good view as well. I liked the window shades, which were surprisingly easy to operate. The rest room was also very spacious. It was a double room; the outer room is a dressing area with the facilities in the inner space so there's privacy if you have company.

Other than the window shades, the one other thing I wanted to take home was the mirror. Wow, look at this. Outstanding! I will be looking for something like this for my room, maybe in my dreams. This was a cozy spacious room for a nice weekend get away. I would have loved a swimming pool on site, but there is a nice bar and restaurant for a nightcap of sorts and good company.

It was a good get away for me and an opportunity to think, to see, to be other than stressed and worried about the inevitable and the usual oh hum drum stuff. LM had a great birthday weekend; he will celebrate with his friends next weekend – his time his way.
Hmm, Sheraton, after all these years you are still doing it.

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