Friday, May 22, 2009

Why do we forget important things sometimes?

Oh my goodness, this has been a very intense week at work. With all of the Influenza A, swine flu, H1N1, or call it what you will, excitement going on even my main work took a back seat. My life has also taken a back seat. When I get home I am so exhausted that I can barely get through the evening chores before I crash out. There were even milestones in my life that almost passed without acknowledgement. Fortunately, I disconnected on the way home today. Quess what, my special anniversary day is tomorrow and I didn't make plans or get ready for it. I can't believe I almost forgot?

Although I’ve written the dates so many times each day and see it all day on my computer screen, I didn’t even make the connection to the dates. The only thing I tried to connect was the number of calls, the symptoms, and the number of days of illness, absences, hospital visits and the results. So what was the keen interest in my days and of my data collection; to close or not to close, why or why not, the implication and the overall effect on every thing?

Well, I guess that is life in the big city right now. But it does take a toll on you! The stress, the anxiety to control the message and the energy, to be rational, factual, sincere and calm so that folks feel supported and heard is very challenging. I can’t wait until we get a grip on this thing and the whole thing subsides so that we can back into our organized chaos and begin to norm to this crises level. You know how we do!

Well anyway let me share with you that I will be celebrating an anniversary this weekend. I should have reckoned earlier this week or during the previous two weeks and made some decent plans. Well, thank God for another year! I will fill you in on how it turns out.

Do you also play that game to see who remembers the anniversary and who prepares for it? Be careful it could bite you!

Happy anniversary, Dear! What did you get me?!
Hmmmm, wait a minute, what should I get him? Do I have time to shop???

Uh oh it could get ugly….!

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