Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why do college students move....Part 2

So we made it back safely and managed to secure everything until such time. My arms, legs, shoulders and back is still reeling from all the activities. Despite all of the trauma and drama, I enjoyed the trip. I was too happy to see my baby and she was equally happy to see us. I am sure a part of that pleasure was that the 'movers' were there to rescue her from all of the grunt work of the move. It was great to get the hugs and kisses and squeezes that we exchanged. I forgot all of the ranting about having to do the move at that point. I also enjoyed the chatter of the folks around, the camaraderie of parents and students, lifting and hauling, the exchanges of summer plans and next get together, next semester relocation plans etc., etc. These were the last of the Mohican's to leave campus, it wasn't the masses so it was a bit less hectic sharing the stairs etc than usual. So that was good too.

I love being on the campus with the kids. There is something soothing and comforting to see the buzz and interaction among the students and the commiserations that sets my mind at ease from wondering how the kids are doing. It's a good feeling and one that I enjoy every time I visit, and believe me, I visit.

My one disappointment is that I didn't take my camera along on the trip. The scenery along the road was wonderful and the chaos on the campus grounds was equally interesting. There were so many, many great '1000 words' to share and I did not capture them in a portable way. I have to remember the camera next time. No new expenditures at this time, except for packing and moving supplies. So now that this event is behind us, for a couple of months anyway, who is ready to break with this tradition?

Do I hear some one out there in the blogosphere saying yeah, yeah, lets talk about this. There ought to be another way to end the year and begin the new year without the mass movement of stuffs on college campuses.

So lets talk about it.
Who of you are ready to break with this tradition?
What are your key areas of concern?
What do you see as a more sensible if not 'humane' way of making this transition?
Why do we have to do this anyway? Rationale, please!
What are your suggestions for this change or improvement?


Are you thinking that I am a worry wart and I should leave well enough alone?!

I don't like to make waves anymore than the next person, and I am not about breaking with tradition or conventions either. Change rattles me as much as the next guy but this is such a huge task that it begs the question. Why are we doing this or why do we continue to do this as we are/have?

Tell me please! I can take it! I'll be ready for the fall and the next number of years 'till the kids are done or until they don't invite me anymore!

Whaddaya say, eh?!

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