Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day


M magnanimous

O omnipotent

T tender

H honorable

E effervescent

R reverential

These may not be the usual words we hear or use when we talk about our Mothers, especially with our siblings. Some of these words are huge in terms of the usual usage and reference but I think they are befitting my Mom and I am sure yours too.

Mind you, she is not perfect, she is far from it. She makes us angry at times, talks about us too much and sometimes tires to micro-manage our lives. I know, through it all she means well and wants to make everything right and as near perfect for us as she can. Our joys, happiness and satisfaction are her joys and completeness. I never stay mad at her because deep down I understand where she is coming from.

You know something funny; as my children grow older, I see my Mom in me. What a prospect! My children may have a different view of me but like my Mom, I love them dearly!

So this is why I see Mom in those words:

Magnanimous – She is kind and fair, always encouraging us to do our best; reach for the stars; be better that she is. What a wonderful, sweet, kind lady with a beautiful smile and a warm heart.

You say, Omnipotent. Yeah she knows everything even before we fess up, and, she was not even around at the time. She can absorb all of the things we throw at her even the things she picks up by the way. And she loves us still, even before the shock wears off. I remember she told me I was pregnant with my second child before I even recognized it. Hmmm! I thought she was nuts at the time.

Yes, she is Tender. Even when she wanted to knock my block off for something I did or failed to do, even after her pleading. She forgives, even if its later, and that makes us feel better. Don’t get me wrong; what ever you store up, well, you will reap, lovingly, when the time is ‘right.’

Honorable – She stands tall, even though she is physically short. Her word is her bond and she pushes us to follow suite. She is a praying woman and never lets us forget, “from whence our help and strength comes.” She looses her identity and becomes “philly’s” Mother, and so you must be who she is and do her proud. She reminds us to be grateful, to be generous to be forgiving and to share and to always give thanks. You can count on her to keep you honest because she looks at you as if she can see right through you. She puts on a face that says hmmmm, “you’d better make it good".

Effervescent- That laughter, even if it is to make me laugh and refocus on the importance of the lesson at hand, she gets out a haughty laugh. She goes behind closed doors to grieve, frown or absorb the failings. It is important to her to show us strength and resolve because she always says it is important to stay in the fight. She will be up and about early in the morning to get things right; find the answers, solutions and would never miss, a “don’t worry it will be alright,” to comfort us.

Reverential – She is courteous, polite, welcoming, and flattering even if it is just to make you happy for the moment. She doesn’t always ‘bite her tongue’, and sometimes that gets us angry. When the time is right, or when she gets ready to deal with you, she breaks it down for us. It’s never always pretty but she will always add …”it’s because I love you.”

MOTHER, what a beautiful word! I have the bestest one in the whole world!

I thank God for her every day and every time she crosses my mind. I ask Him to continue to bless her and keep her here with us in good health, in love and in peace. I ask your kind prayers too!

Thanks Ma for everything!

A favorite song of mine is by The Intruders, "I’ll always love my Mama." It gives me such joy when I hear this song! Yeah, "you only get one, you only get one yeah"

Celebrate her everyday! No matter what because. She is love.

Here are a few verses of the lyrics from

Celebrate her everyday! No matter what because. She is love.

Here are a few verses of the lyrics from

I’ll always love my mama
She’s my favorite girl
You only get one; you only get one, yeah
I’ll always love my mama
She brought me in this world

Mmm, a mother’s love is so special
It’s something that can’t you can’t describe
It’s the kind of love that stays with you
Until the day you die

She taught me little things
Like saying `Hello` and `thank you, please`
While scrubbing those floors on her bended knees

Talking `bout mama
Oh, she’s one of a kind
Talking `bout mama
You’ve got your yours and I’ve got mine
Talking `bout mama
Oh, hey mama, hey mama, my heart belongs to you, oh, yeah.

Happy Mother’s day to all!


Jena Isle said...

Such a sweet post for a mother. A mother's love is indeed all abounding and all encompassing. No one and nothing can beat a mother's love.

Duni said...

Awww...what a lovely post. I think those words describe moms pretty well. What I've learned over the years? In the end...MOM is always right.