Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

Oh yeah! I am feeling better, finally. What a terrible ride! Well, I feel about 70% right now. I took the last pill in the series so that should get me over the hump, I think. I also know that I am feeling better because I am reacting to the mess in the house.

You know those TV commercials when the mon gets sick. Everyone tries to cater to her but the house... Well the mess she recovers to is unbelievable so she falls out on the bed. Unbelievable because everyone seems so comfortable in it eventhough she works hard at keeping the place clean. No surprise here. I stumbled through the mess and even manage to ignore it all these days, but today! Hmmmmm, I have to do something. But wait. I have to wonder, if they seem so comfortable in the mess shouldn't I just leave them in it? Oh, but then I would have to find a place for me.

I don't think this house is too different from most others, not all. The lion share of the work ends up on my lap. Unless I sound the alarm it either sits where it lay or I get it done. I am not in a position to do much right now and I am a bit disgusted with the mess. I have to sound the alarm. Mind you, I did try to raise the issue earlier but no one was able to hear me. There was no yelling and kicking things around. So I can't begin to give you a recount of my flu episode yet. I have to get after this mess or I might have a relapse.

So here I go. Let me start with the bucket and the mop and then figure out what products to add and where to start cleaning. The competition is stiff here, it's an equal opportunity mess, all rooms, spaces and things are filthy.

I better get my gloves and mask too. I'll get the cleaning stuff together, bark some orders and chip in as much as I can to return the place to some semblance of order. I will throw in some guilt, you know what Sunday is, right?! That will get some speed to the job. Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

I'm a cleaning and barking between the coughs for while!
Mom's baaack!!!! Kinda.


BK said...

Glad to hear that you are back. One step at a time and rope them in to help if you must.

Have a great weekend.

Duni said...

I'm sorry you were afflicted by flu :(
I had it beginning of this year really bad, so I totally understand!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
Happy Mother's day!