Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Full House Again

Oh what a week! A full house again. It's a nice to think about having everyone home, which give lots of warm feelings but oh what a lot of work. I have forgotten how much work it is to have a house full of people and how much work it is to care for all of them, all. In my house, every one wants to be catered to. Guess who is the caterer? Moi! So despite long hours of 'work', various other community activities I have a full line of 'home work' or chores to do when I get home.

I have to re-organize my days and hours, my time, to fit my new home work with everything else I have had on tap for the past months. Well of course since I am not really superwoman, I have to loose a few things, slow up on some and neglect others to get to the catering:
Ma, where is......?
Ma, I need and appointment for the........?
Ma, can you help me to......?
Ma, what's for dinner?
Ma, I'm hungry
Can we go shopping, I need.......?
AND I still have to ask:
Hey did you get the home work done?
Did you get to school on time?
What to add to the shopping list, and so on , and so on, and so on!

So all that to say, I've neglected to visit with my blogosphere friends this week. I haven't paid attention to my blog page and other attendant issues either. One good thing though is, I have re-ordered my time and tasks and will be back on track this week. I've also had some time to think about my blog and what to do with it. You know I've been looking at ways to improve the posts, the traffic, appeal etc. I plan to make some changes that will hopefully make it more fun, interesting and lively. Watch for the roll out!

Hopefully I will be able to follow my new work plan and I will get the blog re-work in the line up. I'll also stop by to visit and catch up with my friends and favorites and of course make some new acquaintances.

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